Hamster-powered strandbeest walker

The mad genius at Crafbuartworks created a miniature, hamster-powered strandbeest walker. The walker is hamstered by the intrepid Princess, who is a champ.

The hamster powered? that's just stupid, which is the exact reason why I did it. It's different, hasn't been done before, yet it's in so many what's-under-the-hood jokes. It also had a high likelyhood of working, so I had to attempt it. Only problem: I don't have a hamster, I don't want a hamster for a pet, and I don't know what sort of power and weight a little critter like that has. All I know is that I've seen them go ballistic on the hamster wheel, and so they must have great weight to power ratio.

I quickly removed the gearing and windmill, cut some plastic and mounted a hamster ball to this contraption. I used ball bearings on the hamster ball axels, and mecanno sprockets/chain to transfer the power from the hamster ball to the main crank. I did some initial testing with my son's motorized train inside of the hamster ball, so I had fair confidence on the gear ratio needed for it to work.

Then my sister in law (who runs a great craft blog, Crafty Carnival) came to the rescue, and was able to borrow one of her friend's pet hamster. Enter Princess the Hamster. Princess is a tiny little thing, much smaller than what I had imagined and prepared for. I was afriad that her weight wouldn't be enough to get the ball going. But luckily it all worked out great, and test pilot Princess had no problems getting the strandbeest up to speed.

Hamster Powered Walker (via Making Light)


    1. Woah! Great concept! We could use animal power to help us get around. Forget oil. Why didn’t we think of this before?

      1. Forget oil, use animal power? You should read The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi. Don’t get stomped by the megodonts.

  1. i get the feeling that if those pesky humans left the room, kitty would perform an her own hamster trick.

  2. No, cats really are not easily impressed.

    I once had a mouse that escaped from his cage, so I stuck an exercise wheel in the area, and an hour later, there he was, wheeling.

  3. Can he please make a time machine so that I can go back in time and get parents like him? So then maybe I could be a parent like him?

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