Hidden "McBain" movie secreted in multiple Simpsons episodes

It turns out that if you stitch together all the little over-the-top McBain movie clips shown in several seasons' worth of Simpsons episodes, they form a coherent mini-feature -- a little Easter egg planted by the fun-lovin' Simpsons writing staff!

McBain: the Movie (Thanks, Teapot, via Submitterator!)


  1. Wow, that’s some sharp Simpsons watching! After all these years, I would have never thought that it was the same movie, but looking back it’s obvious!
    It’s like one of those bad action movies always playing on USA network!

  2. Plus it has a huge continuity error, just like a real movie! Doesn’t he kill his boss in an early scene? But there he is, telling him to go by the book.

    1. If action movies have taught us nothing else, they have taught us that falling from a height is never, ever fatal provided you land in water, e.g. Commando.

  3. In this case, Ze Goggles don’t count! They were part of the “Radioactive Man” movie, not the McBain movie, although Rainier Wolfcastle starred in both. :)

  4. Ze goggles are from the Radioactive Man movie, not from the McBain movie.

    There’s tons of other Rainier Wolfcastle scenes, but I don’t know about other McBain scenes than these.

    Seriously, don’t you know the difference between McBain and Schwarzenegger? I mean, Wolfcastle? Do you also think Johnny Depp is secretly a deranged 18th century pirate? (Actually, that one may be true.)

    1. There was the clip from “McBain – Let’s Get Silly” from the The Critic cross-over episode. But that was a separate movie from “You Have The Right To Remain Dead”, obviously.

  5. I love how this character was conceived as an over-the-top tribute to cheeseball Schwartzenegger movies and yet somehow the real-life Arnold managed to one-up his own parody. I think he even stole that cringe-inducing “ice to see you!” line for “Batman Forever.”

  6. Fun seeing the clips together, but I don’t know if I’d call that a “coherent mini-feature”, more like a series of random vignettes based on the simple idea that McBain was going after the drug-trafficking Senator Mendoza. Aside from the last clip where Mendoza dies and they show the end credits, you could put the clips in any order and it would make about the same amount of sense!

  7. The rules that constrain other men
    Mean nothing to McBaaaaiiiiin!
    The punches that bring pain to other men
    Do nothing to McBaaaaiiiiin!

  8. Get…Mendoza!

    I haven’t watched the clip yet, but does it have “McBain: Let’s Get Silly” in it?

  9. It’s kinda sad. A few years ago, the complaints about Simpsons’ quality were fresh, witty, and pertinent. But now they’re just going through the motions, as if they’ve said everything they have to say, and are just repeating themselves over and over again.

    I think these comments should not be made anymore, so that we have space for new comments that could help us pass the time in new ways.

    That way, our memories of when those comments were fresh and funny will be preserved, rather than be tainted with their continued and growing banality…

  10. Ah yes, McBain. Way back, ages ago, we early Simpsons-heads figured out on rec.arts.tv.simpsons that the McBain clips actually made sense together. (Specifically, it was clips number 1, 2, 3 and 5 of those in the video – “that makes two of us”; Sully w/ “Get Mendoza”; “Bye Book”; and “…another meeting, in bed.”)

    Of course, this was before Google and YouTube and Flash video. Back when the Simpsons Episode Guide was a document you ftp’d from a server, and “The Stellar Acting Career of Troy McClure” was a list on my whiteboard at work.

    Am I really that old? You kids get off my e-lawn!

    – yeff

  11. Last season was pretty good, especially the Sideshow Bob finale. Not so great this year. Too much character focus.

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