Skateistan: interview with the director

Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul is a short documentary about the impact of the war in Afghanistan as seen through the young people who shred at a skate park there. Xeni first posted about it in 2009 when it was still in production and Andrea followed up with a trailer before it showed at Sundance last month. While at the festival, our friends at Turnstyle sat down with the film's director, Orlando von Einsiedel.


  1. Things like this are actually very touching.

    It’s nice to see pieces of our (not just U.S, but also its allies) culture that aren’t destructive and meddling being offered to other countries.

    Almost like the youth interested in skating all around the world finally get to reach out to each other and share something, while the imperialistic bureaucrats make it look like we all share their sentiments.

    Thanks for this, it was awesome.

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