Artists and designers share their desks

Noah "Skull-a-Day" Scalin sez, "Writer Kate Donnelly asks artists & designers to share images of their desks and work spaces as a way to peek inside their minds and practice. So much more fascinating that a typical profile and fun to see how the work contrasts or reflects with their spaces. Folks featured so far run the gamut from the famous (Milton Glaser) to, well... me."

From Your Desks (Thanks, Noah!)


  1. Honestly I’d rather see the insides of peoples cars. A messy back seat filled with KFC boxes cigarette butts would tell me more than seeing an iPad and a stack of rainbow Post-ITs

  2. I love seeing pictures of peoples’ work spaces, but I’m always a little skeptical when they *all* look clean. My work space is more of a controlled disaster (partially thanks to my cats).

    Are the editors/mods going to show us their spaces, too?

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