Synchronous Super Mario accompaniment on a violin

This stylish and talented young gentleman uses his fiddle to perform a stringed accompaniment to a Super Mario round, expertly recreating both the soundtrack and the one-up, Goomba-stomp and other sounds.

Super Mario Game Theme: Violin (via Neatorama)


    1. THAT’S what I thought too!!! It may or may not be cool, but what is sad is that we both remembered this!

  1. This seems odd to us now, but in the early 20th century, the silent video game era, they actually had a live accompaniment for all video game sound tracks. This is how your great grandfather played Super Mario Brothers.

  2. What Micah said … it looked very familiar .. but then again, the link Lisa K. was pointing to has been youtubized and so it is nice to have a new link

  3. Now, if the guy could accompany a real-time playthrough instead of a recorded (and thus rehearsable) playback, my jaw would hit the floor and I’d humbly hand it to him.

    As it is, he’ll just have to settle for being very, very good.

    And natty.

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