Book uses colored thread between pages to make hyperlinks

Maria Fischer's "Traumgedanken" book is a collection of "literary, philosophical, psychological and scientifical texts" about dreams. The book uses threads pierced through the pages and affixed to other pages to make physical hyperlinks between ideas.
On five pages there are illustrations made out of thread. Their shape and colour relies on the key words on the opposite page. This way an abstract image of the dream about dreaming is generated.

In addition there are five pages where a significant excerpt from a text of the opposite page is stitched into the paper. It is not legible because the type's actual surface is inside the folded page. This expresses the mysteriousness of dreams and the aspect of dream interpretation.

Traumgedanken (Thanks, Michael Chabon!)


  1. Oh, that’s cool!

    I made a book by hand-stamping 4″X4″ copper plates, then adding patina, sealing them in Krylon clearcoat, and mounting them on art paper, then binding them with two steel plates and two-way screws.

    I’m toying with the idea of making a steampunk hyperfiction using copper plumbing, hand-stamping the story onto copper plates, and mounting them with clamps that allow users to move the plates to new locations among the copper pipes.

    – Jonathan Lyons

    1. Those alien string books are all based on the Inca quipu (also spelled khipu). They may or may not have been a full writing system, we’re not sure yet, but they could at least function as a sort of ledger.

  2. This was already done more efficiently, and without thread over a thousand years ago. It’s called the Talmud

  3. C’mon, folks:

    Why hyperlink electronically, when you can do it with thread?

    Throw out that DRM-ridden iPad.

    Embrace your Selectric, Singer, needle, and bobbin!

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