Egypt: New York Post wraps it up in one fell 'shoop

yjgmc.jpg (via Glynnis MacNicol)


  1. Holy shit! You guys have the Mirror in the US!

    Actually, I’m not sure the redtops know how to use/can afford Photoshop.

  2. I preferred the headline (in the Sun or the Mirror – I can’t remember which one) here in the UK this morning for the same story: “Walks Like an Egyptian”

  3. Ahh yes, the Post. Part of the Murdoch empire, whose commentators on Fox News last week were wringing their hands about the Egyptian protests with skepticism and concern. Corncern for what you ask? The possibility of violent repression? Fear of a power vacuum? No, concern over how it was going affect their stock portfolio. I don’t find this amusing. Fuck them all.

    1. Indeed. Also a bit rage-inducing that people whose tax dollars and elected officials have kept this dictator propped up for 30 yrs only associations w/ Egypt are mummies and a razzlin-frazzlin Bangles song…

      1. The article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal about a”ctivism among corporate employees” was particularly revolting. And it wasn’t even an OpEd. This was just considered news.

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