Waltham, Mass becomes Steampunkville

David Weinberger says, "To raise money for the Charles River Museum of Industry, Waltham is becoming International Steampunk City May 6-8. 'Enjoy special events all throughout the town, dine in restaurants offering specials to all chrono-adventurers, watch Steampunk films at the local cinema, see Steampunk theatre, ... interact with all manner of performers and actors and dramatis personae, dance in a historic mansion, see art and Steampunk creation from around the world!' Mainly for free. Brass diving helmets optional."

The International Steampunk City | The world's greatest Steampunk metropolis!


  1. Ahh, my hometown. The river-end of Moody St has this sort of feel. I don’t really have that much to add; I was just flabbergasted to see Waltham on BB.

  2. This makes me so happy to see! I just started working at the CRMI last week, and I can tell you that this money will go to good use. The museum is home to some of the most wonderful tinkerers I’ve ever met. Everyone in the Boston area, even if you can’t make it to these events,should make a trip down to the museum at some point.

    They have the Steampunk “Professor X Vodka and Cranberry Wheelchair!”

    1. Which is obviously incorrect as the movement is clearly marked as having 17 jewels. Thanks, though.

  3. Very nice little museum. Has hosted some excellent talks on the history and sociology of industry, which (combined with the period they focus on) is why they work so well with the Steampunk community.

    They suffered a lot of damage when the Charles experienced major flooding, and can really use the funds for repair and restoration. If you can’t attend the fundraiser/exhibition, you might still want to consider tossing them a few bucks.


  4. My close friend from High School is behind this, through the Museum of Industry that technogeek linked to. Awesome museum, and a great town with a historically working river to host it.

  5. Is it just me or does the name “Waltham” actually conceptually evoke Steampunk? Maybe its bc of the scripted name on the watchworks.

  6. I live and work in Cambridge, so I’m definitely going to be checking this out!

    Hope to see some boingers here! Nice to see events posted that are outside of the bay area ;)

  7. I grew up in Newton (one town over) and worked in Waltham for 15 years so I will definitely be there along with my Victorian RV and the Steampunk Roadster. The Charles River Museum of Industry is a great place with a fascinating collection. When I worked for BOSCH we had our yearly holiday party there and it was the best venue ever!

    If you’re in the Boston area y’all better come out, it’s going to be a party!

  8. Woohoo! If “Steampunk” is this popular then it won’t be long until the fetishists move on to something else and I can finally stop being bombarded with pictures of Ukrainian-made Victorian-esq brass-and-leather leftovers that have been mashed together.

  9. It looks like the Museum is in the old factory where ‘The Waltham- Lowell Method’ was invented, next to the dam in downtown Waltham, next to the Moody Street Bridge. I would have preferred that the museum should have been in the old Waltham Watch Factory, up the river a few blocks, across from cemetery. My great grandfather worked there, as did my oldest aunt, in the years before the company moved from Waltham to Chicago. The work turned out there was spectacular, and some of the finest production watches ever made in America.

    Yeah, I was born in Waltham.

  10. I had no idea there were so many fellow Boston-area people who read BB. I went to the CRMI for the big Steampunk Festival last year and it was great and all, but getting the entire TOWN involved is AWESOME. I’m way excited for this.

  11. Thanks for all the great postings regarding CRMI and International Steampunk City. Few things you might want to know about the city and the museum. We are using the entire downtown, the hotel district as well as all three historic mansions in town. so yes, steampunk is taking over the city. This event is a fundraiser for the museum. Last March, we were flooded not once but twice when the Charles River rose a record 7 feet above normal. The estimated damage to the Museum is $500,000.

    The city will feature three days of concerts, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, dances, etc that blend both authentic Victorian and steampunk movement. Imagine a life size dirigible parked next to an 1922 Twelve ton Steamroller that Runs! In addition to the lectures and workshops, we are planning a steampunk Pub Crawl, Jane Austin House tours, High Wheel Bicycle Demonstrations, a Steampunk Ham Radio station where you can talk to steampunk all over the world, and more. Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band will lead an New Orleans Style Furneral procession to the Historic Mount Feake Cemetery for a Victorian picnic. There are LARPS, art exhibits, gaming area and so much more. To discover more visit http://www.crmi.org.

  12. We were one attendees/demonstrators last year for the Steampunk Festival, we brought the Victrola and 19th Century timber tools…’spinning tunes’ and making wood chips for a Glorious New Empire!

  13. Cool.

    -abs may not be as into steampunk as many of his friends (both RL and virtual), but he does live in Waltham and thinks the museum is pretty cool, and has friends involved in this, thus “Cool.”

  14. Does anyone know why the website suddenly stopped working today? This event is still on, right? Because I already bought tickets…

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