Images from the Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition

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  Cv1Ay7Kpblg Tvth137Gfoi Aaaaaaaaacg Pwt Fhvjp6I S1600 Twinpeakspin This past weekend was the "In The Trees: Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition" in Los Angeles that I posted previously, featuring BB faves like Tim Biskup, Chris Mars, Stella Im Hultberg, Glenn Barr, Jessica Joslin, and Liz McGrath! If, like me, you couldn't make the show, you're in luck. The exhibition is now viewable online and the dailyDuJour has photos from the opening. Above, Liz McGrath's "Crystal Deer" (mixed media sculpture with Swarovski crystals). Right, David Lynch's "Print #7 (pin), 14” x 14,"
"In the Trees" gallery

"Seen: In the Trees: Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition" (Thanks, Stacey Ransom!)


  1. Last time I was in Snoqualmie there wasn’t much left from the old Twin Peaks days. I know it shouldn’t surprise me since it’s been twenty years, but for some reason I always expect places to stay the same.

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