NYC gives Optimus Prime a parking ticket

It's Toy Fair time in NYC, and naturally that means that there's an enormous Optimus Prime truck parked on the streets near the event. Illegally parked. So a fearless NYC traffic enforcement person has given Optimus Prime a parking ticket.

Toy Fair 2011: Optimus Prime gets a parking ticket (Thanks, Bentheo, via Submitterator!)

(Images: @terrordrome)


  1. Why do I immediately think ‘fake’ or ‘staged’, just to grab an extra headline?

    But hilarious anyways.

    This is like busting Superman for not having a greencard (and not doing his taxes)

  2. I don’t know if I’d say fearless. This is Prime, what’s he going to do, sigh and shrug? Fearless would be giving Soundwave a citation for disturbing the peace and violating public noise ordinances.

  3. The giver of this ticket fared better than the one who tried to give Megatron an unlicensed firearm citation.

  4. Officer Megatron strikes again! “So, Prime, now you shall feel the power of my $35 fine! AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!!”

  5. Optimus Prime’s response to the insult of being ticketed by the humans he had been fighting for so long to protest:

    Megatron, you were right. These humans are scum after all. It’s time we ended this war of fratricide with our Decepticon brothers and joined forces to build a new Transformer Fatherland, free of human vermin.

  6. I’d like to see the wheel lock that could fit one of those tires…er…knee caps or whatever. And if I remember my 80s cartoons right, it would probably take at least 7 dinosaur decepticons and Megatron to impound Optimus Prime for even half an episode.

  7. If they saw the Transformers movies I would expect he would be wanted for murdering a lot of childhoods retroactively.

  8. Well that’s just Prime….. I’d like to see what would have happened if that was Motermaster from the stuntacons…

  9. Whoa, just think about it. Somewhere, there’s some lucky summabish who gets paid to drive to drive optimus prime. I think a lot of people would trade their jobs for that.

  10. The ticket was for $115 – and this truck is nothing more than a prop, it is not an actual “vehicle”. And all the proper permits were obtained. The ticket wont stand, obviously, since they had the permits in place long before the crazy metermaid came around.

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