Giant knitted squid made from plastic grocery bags.

Deadly Knitshade has put up some amazing photos of "Plarchie," a freakishly awesome 8 metre giant knitted squid, made out of orange (Sainsbury) plastic grocery bags. giantsquid.jpg The squid is cool enough (is it weird that I want to buy it?), but the setting is also pretty much perfect since the photos were all taken at London's Natural History Museum, where Plarchie's original source of inspiration lives. Plus, I've got to say that I love the one where Plarchie is cozying up with Charles Darwin. Looks like they're made for each other. Deadly Knitshade has a book, too! Meet Plarchie: the giant plastic knitted squid


  1. My girlfriend knitted hangbags from Tescos & Waitrose plastic carrier bags but found that after a while, the plastic becomes brittle and falls apart. I hope this doesn’t happen to Plarchie too!

    1. That’s because they are cellulose, not plastic bags, The brittleness is because the bags biodegrade after a few months!

  2. Fear not! Plarchie is made from non-biodegradable plastic bags. He’s going to be around for a looooooong time.

    Thanks for posting about my charismatic calamari. :)

    1. Your Plarchie puts the humboldt I knit for my son from this book to shame!

      Do you have any shortcuts for making the plastic yarn? I find it a very labor-intensive process.

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