New science scout badges!


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  1. Hank says:

    I commented on the Level IV “I’ve set fire to stuff” page that there should be a Level V: In which the recipient has set fire to others in the name of SCIENCE.

  2. shutz says:

    Here’s one I could give myself:

    “I programmed my own Mandelbrot Set renderer”

    In my case, I’ve done it on multiple platforms, but the most fun was making one for the Nintendo DS — flash card required.

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    A friend of mine set a hospital on fire with a laser. Does that count?

    • Dave Ng says:

      “arduino-controlled embroidery machine” Awesome! I think that counts for the LEVEL III Science Equipment badge.

      I also love the terminology badges, precision vs accuracy and causation vs correlation. I wonder what the image should be?

      “Voluntarily stands in strong magnetic fields” is definitely going to be made!

      Level V “I’ve set fire to stuff” badge also sounds good, and presumably also automatically counts for the hospital badge.

      • Skoda says:

        I envision a Mortal Kombat style fight for the terminology badges, but that may be a bit too intricate for a small area.

        Perhaps just “correlation ≠ causation” and “precision ≠ accuracy”?

  4. spincycle says:

    Now, I just need to add the “built my own arduino-controlled embroidery machine” achievement so that I can actually get some of these for my uniform.

  5. David A says:

    Oh darn, I thought these were TF2 items for a bit

  6. TheMadLibrarian says:

    I need one of the ‘Weaponized lasers’ for a friend of mine, who really should be monitored when he is experimenting in the name of… Science!

    Gratified to see a few of the suggestions from the last thread being used. Some were pretty good.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “I’ve learned the difference between precision and accuracy.”

  8. Michael Smith says:

    I am tempted by the “I punch moon-landing deniers” badge however I doubt that Buzz needs me to watch his back.

    Antinous: I read about a surgeon who set a patient on fire during throat surgery. Pure oxygen and heat should not be used in the same confined space. I reckon that should qualify.

  9. emo hex says:

    From my older brothers days, a Zip Gun badge.

    This was a 1/4 ” x 6″ piece of iron pipe nailed to a piece of wood handle
    with the workings of a metal cap gun attached with nails replacing the
    pins holding the works, trigger, hammer etc.

    It was loaded with homemade gunpowder (the chemistry set had all the
    ingredients) , a paper wad spacer, and then
    some projectile, our favorite were erector set nuts and bolts (for a good scatter pattern).

    How did it fire? You simply tear off one (1) common cap from the roll
    and place it over the small hole drilled in the pipe nipple on the back of the barrel.

    Note the blastback from the ignitor hole was fierce, usually resulting in a big
    black powder mark on the side of your face. (Safety glasses were optional)

  10. Skoda says:

    “Voluntarily stands in strong magnetic fields”

    “Knows the difference between correlation and causation”

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