Dapper Day at Disneyland: the well-dressed go to the fun-park

The original concept art depicted Disneyland's attendees as dapper, well-dressed families meandering in effortless style around the fantastic landscapes and amusements in Anaheim. Modern reality falls short of this ideal (someone really needs to invent athletic wear that's tailored for people who aren't in very good shape, perhaps made from stiffer cloth that doesn't drape and cling quite so much. I'd buy it.)

This Saturday, a group of Disnephiles are planning an unofficial well-dressed theme day at Disney, called "Dapper Day at Disney Parks." Participants are urged to have a dressy day at Disneyland: "A period Mad Men look is as correct as the latest haute couture, be creative, go Gaga, anything that would make the legendary and stylish Disney designers Mary Blair, John Hench, Herbie Ryman, Dorthea Redmond, Harriet Burns and the rest of the stylish WED lot look proud - or blush!"

Dapper Day at Disney Parks - This Sunday


  1. Were this not a three-day weekend, I’d so grab the kids and missus, dress us all up in finery far outclassing our accustomed mediocre station in life, and tootle on down the 605 to the Park. Seriously, I’m kinda surprising myself with how much I wanna do this. I’ve always liked Disneyland, though I’ve never been much for dressing up. (The single necktie I own is festooned with cartoon pigs doing unspeakable things to each other.) But this sounds like big, big fun!

    Alas… holiday weekends at Disneyland? Not for me, no more. I like a crowd as much as the next guy, but I also enjoy breathing and turning around and seeing my feet and parking my car in under an hour.

    Couldn’t we do it yesterday instead? No better time to enjoy a Disney day than a rainy Wednesday in February!

  2. someone really needs to invent athletic wear that’s tailored for people who aren’t in very good shape

    That’s really not what needs to happen.

  3. I just found a $15 charcoal pinstripe suit at Goodwill that would be Perfect for such an outing. . .but Chinese New Year parade in SF this Saturday: Priorities.

    Rabbits of the world, Untie!

  4. `someone really needs to invent athletic wear that’s tailored for people who aren’t in very good shape, perhaps made from stiffer cloth that doesn’t drape and cling quite so much`

    If you made it out of stiff cloth that doesnt cling or move with the body, it would no longer be “athletic wear”, but “stiff, inflexible wear for people who don’t care about moving quickly and freely”. I don’t think you use the word “tailored” to mean “sized and cut to fit different kinds of people,” which would actually be a good idea.

  5. Disney (and any amusement park) is sitting on top of a social marketing gold mine with activities like this. All they would need to do is to offer $5 off admittance for (insert theme here) costumed guests. People would naturally show off their gear on the facebooks.

    I’m waiting for the casino in Vegas that enforces a dress code. hell, I would gladly pay $5 to get on the floor if neckties were required.

  6. God damnit! Every god damn day would be dapper at Dinesyland if f#$%ing Walt was still alive!

    I can’t be the only one who longs for the days long hair’d hippies were turned away at the gates am I right? Folks?

  7. -“…someone really needs to invent athletic wear…that doesn’t drape and cling quite so much…”-

    Here in Tokyo, health clubs require patrons to change to a delegated workout outfit and athletic footwear to be only worn inside the facility. I wear a dark gray shortsleave windshirt and windpants made of superlight nylon that drapes well.

    Like many windpants, if it gets hot the legs zip off just above the knees. The windshirt and windpants combo functions so well I have come to use a different light gray windshirt and windpants combo in a loose size as a UV coverup at the beach—The outfit looks good enough to get me in the door at the rather pricey restaurants overlooking the Shonan shore in Kamakura.

  8. From the looks of that artwork, it appears that someone invited a bunch of well-dressed folk to Disney and then lit the park on fire! Streets of lava….

  9. Agree that it’s a great idea – and I’d love to dress well and go to Disneyland among lots of other people who are dressed well – but the fact that it’s on a holiday weekend really does kill it.

    How many people are expected to go dressed well? A couple hundred, at most?

    How many people in total will be there? If you’ve been to Disneyland on a 3-day weekend… well, basically you will never do it again. I don’t know what the capacity of the park is, but they are basically exceeding it on these kinds of days. You’re lucky if you get on three or four rides the whole day – and if you want a popular ride, even less (the Fast Pass system is great, but doesn’t solve all problems).

    There *are* days where hardly anyone shows up – overcast days in January and February (a little drizzle helps too) are perfect, and also a perfect day to go dressed well – nice, probably heavy clothes are too much for a normal day in Orange County anyway.

    Oh, and, there are definitely well-designed athletic clothes. Just look at any athletic clothes made before the 80’s or so, seriously. For the ultimate, look at British upper class sports clothing from the 50’s and earlier.

  10. I was at the park til noon today, the crowds weren’t that bad. The worst I’d ever seen it was Superbowl Sunday the other day. Ye gods, you could have crowd surfed everywhere if you tried. Yuck.

    Pictures on Twitter show a very small group of Dapper participants, maybe 15? This was just the first year, I’d expect a better turn out next time. I’d have participated if I’d heard about it sooner but I literally have nothing nice to wear. :\

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