Giant dice -- Boing Boing Flickr pool

From the Boing Boing Flickr pool, 8one6's snap of the enormous comedy-dice on the floor of RPG convention GenCon, taken back in 2007. I'm thinking these'd make a great outdoor playground set.

big dice


  1. They would be a great addition to a playground set, though they’d have to be nice and soft. I can just imagine my 5-year-old self throwing the point of that 4-sider right into my little brother’s eye.

  2. Notice the few people in the picture?

    No matter how large your dice, D&D is the antidote to socialization, a vaccine for friendship, an aquired immunity for coolness.

    1. Funny. D&D (and other role-playing games) were one of the few socializations I had growing up.

      I met two lifelong friends solely because of RPGs. It gave us a common ground to start from. Perfect strangers with a common interest. There are communities of RPGers. In my experience it builds tight-knit social groups.

      Hardly a “vaccine for friendship.”


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