An informative video about the Honey Badger

I found this video about the Honey Badger to be very educational. (NSFW)


    1. I like how youtube can detect if your video sounds like it contains anything even remotely resembling a copyrighted song, but it can’t detect when you grab someone else’s video and upload an exact duplicate.

      Yes, that’s the original. He’s got a whole series of similar videos on his channel.

  1. Jeremy Clarkson: A honey badger does not kill you to eat you, it tears off… your testicles.
    Richard Hammond: It does not!
    James May: Why’s it called the Honey Badger?
    Richard Hammond: Exactly!
    Jeremy Clarkson: Because that’s what made it angry.
    Richard Hammond: Why isn’t it called the Badger of Death?


    (no mushroom, but plenty of snake!)

  3. Funny, but I prefer the real original:

    That’s one badass badger. I quote from a page:
    “If the creature is too huge for the Badger to straight-up eviscerate with its inch-and-a-half long claws or its razor-sharp teeth, the Ratel still knows how to go for the weak spot – the balls. That’s right, folks, this thing has been documented as killing male lions by running underneath them and tearing off their scrotums. ”

  4. honey badgers rule – after i discovered them i tried to convince a friend as to their awesomeness, dismissing my “but they eat anything…even leopards” he called google and this came up:

    “Like many predators leopards quickly recognise an unfit animal. This old female should be an easy catch. Using their powerful jaws leopards strangle their prey, often within a few minutes, but she just can’t get a good hold on the badger’s neck. The skin is thick and loose. By now other prey would be dead but this one still struggles fiercely. She refuses to die!

    After a battle lasting almost an hour the old badger is finally all but dead. The leopard departs with her half blind and nearly toothless prey, and at least one badger myth appears to be true – they are the very devil to kill.”

  5. I kind of feel like I’m the only guy on the internet who doesn’t find this funny. I mean, it’s just a gay joke. Not even a fun, witty gay joke at that. It’s more along the lines of ‘Hey everybody, look at the silly fag!’

    I am disappointed, internet.

    1. I’ve dated guys that speak EXACTLY like that, and hold ideas like “Honey badger: eats snakes, therefore doesn’t even give a shit”.

      1. So if somebody does a campy gay voiceover, it’s not funny. Yet if Cheech and Chong do stoner voiceovers, or if Carlos Mencia does Mexican or deet-de-dee voiceovers, it’s OK?

        I think part of the humor is the juxtaposition of a gay trope in an unexpected context.

        1. Anon #20:
          What the hell is a “voiceover”?
          Is it a type of overdub?

          And precisely when did Cheech & Chong do “stoner voiceovers”?

          Although I must admit your comment is he first time in over thirty five years that I have ever, anywhere, heard Cheech & Chong’s act criticized – even obliquely – for maligning stoners! For that is what you are accusing them of, are you not?

          Perhaps it would have been much better in your opinion had Cheech & Chong been actually beating, imprisoning and otherwise physically mis-treating and terrorizing “stoners”, as some police did ( and still do), while the ENTIRE television, daily newspaper and radio media of the day constantly and relentlessly advocated both the justice of and increased public expenditure on such “useful tactics” in the “war on drugs”.

          1. I think I’ll change my name to “Stoner Voiceover”. Or perhaps use it as a name in my next short story….

    2. And yet, none of my friends who are gay sound like that, and the friend that I had who DID sound like that wasn’t gay. (although many people assumed that he was when they first heard him)

  6. Cts359 I find it really funny, and not because of the guy’s accent (which may seem stereotypically queer). I think his word choices, pacing, and simultaneous emotive ‘gross!’ reactions are t3h funnay here. Take a script of this, hand it to Scott Glenn or The Dude, and it would still be funny.

    Lighten up, Francis.

  7. humor1 has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.

    You think humor1 gives a shit? That shit was TRANSFORMATIVE.

  8. The honey badger sounds so sweet. . .yet is so badass: who knew?

    Consumer of cobras and rude to raptors. They really don’t give a shit!

    Narration: pretty funny.

  9. He’s queer. He’s a wildlife narrator. He’s fabulous. Get used to it.

    Although as a queer non-wildlife narrator (one of the few…) that raises a question — BoingBoing is a generally fabulous site, but has it had any openly gay guest hosts? Honey badger doesn’t give a shit. ;-)

  10. My first thought was: Why, if honey badgers have so few real enemies and they can eat anything, why are they so rare?

  11. Honey Badger has a PR problem. Its name makes it sound like its image ought to be printed on kiddy pajamas.

    How about “Ball Shark” instead?

    Ball shark don’t give a shit.

  12. What that left out was the bit about the Honeyguides, a bird that guides honey badgers (or people) to bee hives. Also they are social parasites that lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. When the young hatch they have a barbed beak with which they kill the other baby birds or puncture any remaining eggs.

    1. Cool that the badgers noticed the little bird’s association with the sweet sweet honey.

      Is this a learned behavior? like hunting is for cats? Does mama badger have to point out the bird to the kits?

      We too noticed the little bird as a guide to honey: but I suppose we could follow the honey badgers themselves around for the same purpose, eh?

      1. Although now that I have watched the video, I think it would be much safer to follow the inoffensive little bird to that sweet gold rather than the savage and aggressive badger.

  13. I assume that honey badgers might occasionally stumble across a hive but mostly are led to them by honeyguides.

    I don’t think you can follow a honey badger to a hive since their diet is so varied.

  14. Funny-Funny-Funny. The narrator sounded Effeminate…there are those that can equate that with Gay (normally) but not necessarily true. The narration would not have been as good in a womans voice, IMO, the feminine guy voice does it and the squeamish descriptions of this eating are what make this what it is. I didn’t take it as a knock on gay people if that’s what you were after Cts359, but I guess it could have been.

  15. This is just an amusing combination of content and commentary. Lately my employees have been working hard like the honeybadger. Things get in their way…they dont give a shit…they get it done. It’s been a fun video to quote around the office.

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