Houston hackspace's open-house month, with BBQ!

Calling all Houstonites! The Tx/Rx Labs hackspace is hosting a series of BBQ-infused open houses through the month of March:
What's a Hack-B-Q? Think free B-B-Q with the added bonus of getting to share knowledge with TXRX Members who have expertise in exciting DIY technology projects. And that's just for starters: There are tons of exciting projects in progress and members with expertise in chemistry, electrical engineering, biology, physics, programming, mechanical engineering, and many others, all of whom are interested in sharing that knowledge for the benefit of the community. Oh yeah, and did we mention FREE TI LaunchPad Dev Kits? (while supplies last)
Tx/Rx Labs (Thanks, Rtavk!)


  1. This is one of the more disappointing parts of living in NYC. No vast reservoir of BBQ knowledge to tap. I had to learn about roasting whole pigs through trial and error (and internet tutorials). For the record I’ve had the best luck with butterflying the little bastards and tossing them on a large (sometimes home made) charcoal grill. Its also advisable to avoid pigs over 60lbs.

  2. knowing hackerspace folk the bbq pit will prob be PID controlled. I wonder if that makes for good BBQ? I guess I will go and find out.

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