Operation "Libya White Fax"


After observing the growing unrest and correspondingly violent crackdown in Libya, a group of hackers conceived and launched Operation Libya White Fax: while the internet and data connections are being throttled, cut off and censored, phone lines are still open, and fax machines are still working. So, with a list of numbers that have fax machines on the other end, and one fax document packed with timely info, time-sensitive information on how to route around censorship can get to people inside Libya.

The information document is online [PDF mirror] and so is the list of numbers to send it to. The info is coming from We Re-Build's main Libya page and will be updated as needed. This document helps people in Libya learn how to connect to dial-up internet, and route around the government-ordered communication blocks. In a time like this, that can make all the difference in the world.


  1. Can’t the Libyan government just connect to all 45 lines and keep them busy? It’s been a few years since I’ve used dial-up.

    1. They won’t have to. You can bet plenty of dorks around the world are doing it just to be logged-in ‘old-skool’.

  2. Please be aware that communications networks in Libya are extremely fragile at the moment. This is a well-meaning effort, but flooding the crippled network with faxes will do more harm than good to people within Libya.

    Please understand that word gets around quickly, and we on the outside should be doing everything we can to preserve the networks that are operational. Please do not do anything that hurts Libyans’ abilities to communicate.

    1. “i dont think there is flooding going on
      more of a trickle
      and the phones are capable of it, and they are confirmed fax machines
      the person has a valid concern, but its not true at this time” -Telecomix

  3. those phone lines are to-o-o-tally already tapped by the spooks.

    not being critical of this at all, just pointing out that it’s a great source of intelligence.

  4. I’m going to fax this to everyone I know, though – they’re all in the states. I think they’ll be pretty excited about it anyway.

  5. The lines are open surprisingly. The ISPs supporting them are really cool and i doubt they have been infiltrated. There is a good crowd supporting them. FDN is really cool, they call themselves “the ISP with bubbles that go down”… becuase their french, from Champaign =)

    the proof is— monitored or not…its working! videos and photos and reports are coming out of libya from them. Faxes are being sent. They need more help tho! SIP accounts needed.

  6. Jack

    Yes- its way jammed. Gadaffi has a love for radio equiptment- its actually how he got is start with the army right before the coup that brought him to power- so- Libya has some badass mad scientist radio gear and they know how to use it. One jamming station was taken out yesterday outside of Tripoli but it didnt make any differance. There is tought to be overlapping jamming stations at every single air base in libya. Check out the protestor map that outlines them on boing boing front page from yesterday.

    Keep spreading the word everyone! Libya needs your support.

    Hey theawesomerobot- or anyone else- you should fax this to all the US media outlets listed in the fax communiqae and other ones you can find.


    Great to see Boing Boing on the front lines of yet another important historical event

  7. If they are worried about being monitored on these lines, they can use VPN or TOR. Both work fine over dial-up. The government could still tell they were using these lines, but wouldn’t be able to see what they are doing with them.

  8. This is a great idea, there is hope now that many people in Libya wil now be aware of what is happening – Well done for setting this up x

  9. Libya government censors are certainly a bit busy. Or perhaps they aren’t even at work. Don’t know about their abilities for monitoring all their national lines for these dialed numbers, instantly tapping, recording and analyzing those sessions, and responding to the information found, all at the moment. But a VPN client right on the login page would fix a lot of that.

  10. please help with this
    International opinion is swiftly changing in favour of the Libyan people over Ghadafi, many Libyan diplomats (around ten already including Ambassadors to the UN, Arab League and the US) have resigned from the regime, renounced Ghadafi and the violence.

    In South Africa, which is a key strategic ally of Libya, the Ambassador to South Africa, H.E. Alzubedi has not yet resigned. South Africa is a historic and important ally of Libya, and so far has not been reacting as adequately to the crisis in Libya as it should.
    South Africa could be pressured to change its policy if the Libyan Ambassador were to resign. South Africa would thus be pushed to possibly engage in dialogue with the Libyan ambassador that has resigned, as other countries are doing.

    If we can persuade the Libyan Ambassador to South Africa to resign, this may help to affect a change in South Africa’s reaction to the situation.

    Please help by calling on His Excellency Dr. A Alzubedi to renounce the violence, renounce Gadafi and declares he no longer represents Gadafi but rather, the Libyan people.

    You can do this by faxing, emailing or phoning the embassy of Libya in South Africa
    I have attached a sample letter below, which you can cut and paste and use.

    The contact details are below: Embassy of the People’s Bureau of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Ambassador H E Dr A A Alzubedi Tel: 012 342 3902 Fax: 012 342 3904 libyasa@telkomsa.net

    Please bear in mind. You should be polite to the Ambassador as we want to sway his opinion. Address him as Your Excellency, or His Excellency in the third person.

    If you phone, you will not be put through t o the ambassador, but rather his PA, who was very polite to me. Try your best to speak to the ambassador and to relay messages to him, but if this fails, please also try convince the PA of the terrible situation in Libya and his obligation to convince the ambassador.

    I hope you can all help, its just a simple call, email or fax.
    Please also forward these instructions to others if you can, copy it forward it, post it on other posts and share it on Facebook abnd Twitter.

    Please spread it, copy paste, remix it.

    The updated email is here. pastehtml[dot]com/view/1dcgas0.rtxt

    You can work collaboratively on editing the letter, (If you like something better) here piratepad[dot]net/buFMwOx4sm

    Your Excellency Ambassador Al Zubedi

    I am writing in my personal capacity as a fellow and concerned African to ask that you try to do all you can to end the current death and suffering of your great and brave people.

    Gaddafi’s forces and his hired mercenaries have killed between 233 and 500 peaceful protestors. They are being fired upon with heavy weapons and being bombed from aeroplanes.

    I kindly ask that you do the right think and follow what many of your fellow diplomats have done by renouncing Gaddafi, calling for an immediate end to the violence, and declaring that you no longer represent him, but rather the Libyan people.

    The Libyan people need you to do this now. And History, Allah, your people and the world are watching.

    Please, in addition to renouncing the violence and calling for Ghadaffi to step down, contact the UN, African Union, South African and Egyptian governments and ask for help in achieving these objectives by asking them to renounce the violence and call on Gaddafi to step down.

    I sincerely hope that you are a good man, and will follow in suit of your brave people, as well as many other brave diplomats who have also followed this course of action.

    Sincere regards
    [Insert your name here or a moniker like “concerned”]

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