Report: military aircraft are firing at protestors in Libya


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Several sources state that Apache helicopters are firing on Libyan protesters. But I can’t find any official reference to Libya ever having bought them from the US. The Apache has quite a distinct look, so I doubt that the Hind gunships that Libya uses were mistaken for them.

  2. millrick says:

    “Planes of the Libyan Air Force reportedly opening fire on protesters in central Tripoli. No way to confirm this currently – but we are getting many reports of chaos on the streets of the capital.”

    • millrick says:

      It seems that some Libyan pilots have defected to Malta rather than attack their fellow citizens

      “The defected pilots reportedly tell Maltese officials they were based in Tripoli and ordered to attack protesters on the ground in Benghazi. After seeing their fellow pilots begin the airstrikes, they diverted course toward Malta. If substantiated, this would appear to confirm the use of airstrikes against civilian protesters in cities around the country.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are also reports of the Navy hitting a part of Tripoli. WTF is going on? When you bomb your own capital shouldn’t that be a huge indication that you’ve lost all control?

  4. bobthecitizen says:

    This is eerily reminiscent of the “loyalty oaths” our soldiers have been presented with a few years back stating they were required to fire on “political agitators” and “forcibly disarm” US citizens if ordered to do so. Record numbers of our soldiers refused to sign.

    If we flooded our streets and demanded the patriot act be repealed, what would our government do.

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