Capitol Defense: tower defense game illustrates lobbying pressure on Congress

Nicko from the Sunlight Foundation sez, "This morning, like much of the country, Washingtonians woke up to snow outside their windows. Sure, there wasn't enough to shut down the Capitol the way that the snowpocalypse did last year, but we decided to celebrate the same way: Snowball fight! Introducing Capitol Defense, a free, online game that pits you against the special interests and lobbyists spending increasing amounts of money to overcome the puny levels of congressional willpower. And how do you protect your congressional reps? Using snowballs, of course.

"This game was a nice chance for us to see how far we could stretch HTML5 technologies. It may not be the most important thing Sunlight's ever done, but we think it's pretty fun. And, of course we're always eager to find new ways of illustrating just what unbelievably large amounts of special interest money flow through this town. Play a couple rounds to see just how much different industries spend -- and share it with your friends."

Capitol Defense (Thanks, Nicko!)


  1. This game is illustrative, but far to hard to be actually played.

    I noticed that the hit areas for the lobbyists are offset significantly from their apparent position, so several of my direct hits went unscored. I suspect that the programmer forgot to center the image on its parent sprite.

    This is a subject which deserves a better game.

  2. It’s not a tower defence game, it’s a very thinly Missile Command clone.

    Misuse of game genres makes the gaming nerd in me rage, be glad this isn’t all caps.

  3. Aside from it’s use of html5, this game is terrible. It isn’t innovative, it doesn’t engage the player with the cause, it doesn’t educate or result in any action by the player, and doesn’t even carry the brand well.

  4. For an extra level of challenge and realism, you should have to shoot down enemy lobbyists while letting yours get through.

  5. Disable Flash in your browser and you lose sound. I understand SOME of the Flash hatred but not why many are so reluctant to acknowledge what it does well.

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