Right-left symmetry photos of Qaddafi


Muggum is a .99 iPhone app that generates two symmetrical side-by-side portraits -- one from the left side of the face, and one from the right. Here's both sides of ol' whatshisface.

Make ran an article that shows how to do this on a PC.


  1. @dark victoria – facial symmetry is closely correlated with ratings of beauty, so it’s not surprising that you think both photos look better than the original. Judging by the two photos, that’s one asymmetric dude.

    1. Judging by the demeanor of the photos, that the stern left side is currently winning in his “governing” style.

      1. I love Libya, I’ve visited there. Met some friends.
        Colonel, President, leader of teh whatever, needs to go away.

        I’m just sick of dictators.
        In whatever country. anywhere.

  2. Whatever, yes yes it is a thing.

    But for the love of God, why did it have to be this post that sits at the top of BoingBoing for so long? If ever there was a need for a unicorn chaser, now would be the time.

    At least goatse never strafed anyone with helicopter gunships.

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