Right-left symmetry photos of Qaddafi


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  1. mischa says:

    looooove this app.


    especially the one of thom yorke!!

  2. speonjosh says:

    looks like darth maul

  3. inkfumes says:

    The first one looks like the face of the Master Control Program from TRON (original).

  4. Aye says:

    dood is crazy too

  5. sludig says:

    Left: Harvey Keitel
    Right: Huey Lewis

  6. Art says:

    That is so weird/driew os si tahT

  7. Anonymous says:

    In the first one, he looks like the Face of Boe!

  8. dark victoria says:

    the sad thing is that both of these look better than the real person.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dude, its common courtesy to give warning to disturbing images.

    I feel dirty.

  10. RioMcT says:

    Photographer Bart Nagel has been working on a project like this for a while.


  11. Kimmo says:

    That is so weird/driew os si tahT

    Wow, I have such a bung head

  12. Kimmo says:

    Stephen Fry

    The one on the left looks like James May. The one on the right looks like a rugby player.

  13. sapere_aude says:

    So, Gaddafi is a cross between Nicholas Kristof and Tony Curtis.

    (Also, this must have been based on an old picture of Gaddafi. In recent years, I haven’t seen Gaddafi without his Comic Book Guy facial hair.)

  14. subhan says:

    @dark victoria – facial symmetry is closely correlated with ratings of beauty, so it’s not surprising that you think both photos look better than the original. Judging by the two photos, that’s one asymmetric dude.

  15. Jake0748 says:

    I’m sorry… but what was the point of this post in the first place?

    • Chrs says:

      Judging by the demeanor of the photos, that the stern left side is currently winning in his “governing” style.

      • Jake0748 says:

        I love Libya, I’ve visited there. Met some friends.
        Colonel, President, leader of teh whatever, needs to go away.

        I’m just sick of dictators.
        In whatever country. anywhere.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow, He really IS two-faced!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Darth Maul, or Darth Mel? (Mel Brooks as Darth Maul)

    This practically begs for Spaceballs: the Prequel.

  18. etho says:

    Ok, this is a bit off topic, but i found this following a link from another commenter, so…



    My god it’s so big it wears a shoe!

  19. arborman says:

    Whatever, yes yes it is a thing.

    But for the love of God, why did it have to be this post that sits at the top of BoingBoing for so long? If ever there was a need for a unicorn chaser, now would be the time.

    At least goatse never strafed anyone with helicopter gunships.

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