Apple looks set to unveil iPad 2 on March 2

iPad 2.0 to be launched on March 2. Your guess is as good as ours, but that's certainly what these invites, emailed out today by Apple to invited tech reporters, would suggest.


  1. It’s going to be a very very busy day in that area.

    This press event is going on at the Yerba Buena Center at time as the Game Developer’s Conference is going on at the Moscone Center. Both of which are on the same city block. The iPad event will likely at the same time the president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata is doing the Keynote address.

    Very interesting scheduling for that day, and that’s my scheduled GDC day too. Oie.

    1. What you need is to be able to be several places at once.
      Are not these events all streamed live online: can you not follow them all on a laptop?
      Or follow the others, while you attend the third?

      Speaking generally, is one’s actual physical presence so very necessary to enjoy or appreciate these events?

      I never go, so I wouldn’t know.

  2. I loved playing with the iPad but never quite had the disposable cash lying around to get one. I can only hope that the new one is even more compelling (a little lighter maybe?) while maintaining that same aggressive pricing.

  3. Actually, one tech reviewer has already broken the news embargo early:

    Or maybe he found his iPad 2 laying around in a bar somewhere, who knows?

      1. Touché.

        Hey – now finally get what my English professor was hinting at when he took me aside and said “there’s no ‘A’ in lying unless you’re trying to cheat”…

  4. An email I just sent out to my little group of Apple fans (we chatter all the time about what’s coming up next):

    What are we going to see?

    I have some educated guesses…

    1. Updated casing – more iPhone 4ish? I dunno – I don’t really see any reason to change the case… thinner? For what purpose? It’s thin enough, and even thinner could add another layer of fragility to the device which could lead to more Applecare incidents. I’m not holding my breath on this one.

    2. Dual mode CDMA/GSM wireless capability – since a tear-down of the Verizon iPhone shows that the phone ships with a chipset that supports both GSM and CDMA, there’s zero reason to think we wouldn’t see that support; like I said before: one hardware stream equals less cost on the backend for Apple. 4G support? 4G’s a marketing term – means nothing. Apple won’t be swayed by carriers to use that term. My only question there – how will Apple deal with using a Micro-SIM for GSM and ESN for CDMA? Will we see the unveiling of the CDMA “SIM” card that’s out there? Why not? Apple led the charge with the GSM micro-SIM introduction… and if Apple wants it with the iPad, Verizon knows better than to say no… hell, it may have even been part of the negotiations to bring the iPhone 4 (and the 5 – which will merge the 2 phone product lines back together) to Verizon.

    3. Cameras? A front camera makes perfect sense to further push Facetime, which really hasn’t been a runaway hit yet. A rear camera? Not seeing it – could you imagine people holding something the size of a magazine up in front of them to snap a photo?

    4. Upgraded capacity: undoubtedly we’ll see 32 GB as the base size, with a 64 GB and a 128 GB upgrade option.

    5. New screen? A lot of people have poo-poo’d this idea, but I smell it happening, and here’s why: last quarter’s earnings call it was mentioned that much like they did with flash memory a couple years back, they’ve made a massive forward buy on something that they wouldn’t talk about. My gut tells me it’s a huge deal with an LCD manufacturer to provide 1080 touch screen capability on the iPad – they’ll brand it a Retina display. What does this mean for other Apple hardware products? Well, the App Store for Mac OS X, in my opinion, is a huge hint: We’re going to see fully touch-integrated iMacs and notebooks sooner rather than later… why not? If Apple can secure the supply from key vendors, it stands to reason they’d secure the supply for *all* their products, not just the mobile devices. As far as the App Store angle – well, I smell a merge in that aspect: we’ll see iOS merge completely into Mac OS X in the next 24-36 months. Simplifies the support channel for them, and provides an even BETTER seamless experience for users.

    6. Upgraded speed/processor/video: if it’s going to support 1080p, it’s going to need discrete graphics. Not a big deal if they’ve been able to shrink the batteries down even a couple percent. Upgraded processor speed is a given, even if it’s a modest upgrade.

    And my next email:

    Oh, I did forget something, which is a longshot at best:

    Upgraded touch capability providing pressure sensitivity – hit Wacom right in the balls… which makes me now think of allowing the iPad to behave as an iMac/Mac Pro/Macbook (Pro) accessory – think Wacom Centiq tablet functionality at literally 1/4 to 1/3 the price.

    Now THAT would be a knockout punch.

    1. I hope you are right about your last point, richard_toronto.

      I’m an artist and have been drawing on wacom’s for 10+ years. I’ve been using Apple computers for over 15. However with the lack of pressure sensitive iPads… they don’t seem to be trying to encourage artists to use them.

      The Modbook ( has been around for a few years (and perhaps forced the iPad) — but this is essentially what I would want to buy direct from Apple, preferably at a modest price.

      I think Apple could have lower tiered iPads for consumers, but have 1 or 2 pressure sensitive, and maybe slightly larger ones for artists.

      1. I’m another graphic artist who has been waiting for a true digital sketchpad for ages, but unfortunately even the wildest rumors surrounding the iPad 2 (and 3!) don’t suggest that Apple is planning a Wacom-style pressure sensitive stylus any release soon.

        I poked around on a modbook once. While I respect the effort, a stylus-only tablet running an OSX operating system would be a terrible user experience even if it wasn’t a hot, heavy & overpriced frankenputer.

        The real question is why nobody ELSE is making a product like that. Surely Wacom could team up with an Android tablet manufacturer to corner the market on digital sketchpads? YA LIKE MONEY, DONCHA?

        1. Really makes you wonder if someone isn’t out there stifling the competition.

          I have no idea if that’s true, but it seems like it must be.

        2. Noted on the modbook being hot , heavy & overpriced. Maybe the Modbook pro (coming soon) will cover some of those issues?

          I’d like to see Wacom & Adobe get together and produce some kind of tablet for artists.

          What’s disappointing is that Apple seems to be abandoning the original core customer base of artists which kept them afloat until the iMac/iPod came out.

          In all likely-hood I’ll just end up with an iPad 2 or 3 and do non-pressure sketching with it… waiting for the real deal.

          1. Noted on the modbook being hot , heavy & overpriced. Maybe the Modbook pro (coming soon) will cover some of those issues

            Maybe, I kind of doubt it since their current business model is based on modifying an existing macbook. Even if they didn’t charge a penny for labor you’d still be paying the full price for a new laptop plus the materials to modify it (voiding its warranty in the process). And you’d STILL be stuck with an OS that wasn’t designed for use on tablets.

          2. As a long time Wacom user (still using the same tablet after 10 years!) this is the deal breaker for me…

            And frankly the most obvious application for one of these things. But then there’s issues of processing power, DRM, walled garden, that pesky lack of ‘files’… They’d need much more than pressure sensitivity to make it a try competitor for the Wacom line.

            I hear you though… my tablet is really starting to show it’s age!

          3. For studio/office use, the wacoms will continue to be fine, and no doubt, improve.

            I’d like something affordable that I can do digital sketching with outside of the studio. Maybe it is something like an iPad, and just accept the lack of pressure sensitivity for a few years.

    2. You really doubt the casing will be updated to look like the iPhone4?

      When was the last time apple produced a new updated look for one of their products then followed it with a product that held an old design? Hell even the press release image above looks distinctly iPhone4ish.

      The screen will also certainly be updated. The iPhone4 has given people high expectations and Apple will certainly do the same with the iPad.

      A forward facing camera would make a lot of sense. I’m also praying they add USB support, but I’m not holding my breath.

      Now what I’m really holding out for is the new MacBookPro range.

  5. Several Asus tablets are on the way with Wacom support:

    As for the iPad2 I’m sure it will be a DeBeers Diamond:
    Iconic, flawless, beautiful, inflexible, sterile, overpriced, bathed in the blood of its producers:
    and incessantly marketed by an increasingly ruthless cartel:

    1. “As for the iPad2 I’m sure it will be a DeBeers Diamond:”
      Iconic – most likely
      flawless – most likely
      beautiful – most likely
      inflexible – I should hope so, if the alternative is “floppy”
      sterile – in what sense? Apple devices have historically won most favor from creative types; sort of the opposite of “sterile”.
      overpriced – Ah, now that’s where you’re probably wrong. The original iPad has been markedly less expensive than comparably featured competing tablets, as you should know.
      bathed in the blood of its producers – Oh really. The suicide rate among workers at Foxconn plants is significantly lower than among Chinese people in general. Apple can hardly be expected to eliminate suicide in China but what they’ve done so far seems to have helped improve a situation that no-one in the West gave a rats’ fart about previously.

      “incessantly marketed by an increasingly ruthless cartel”: And the site you cite says Apple is “extorting a 30% cut from developers”. Yeah, well a few years ago I wrote three books and was paid according to the norms of the book publishing industry: the bookshops took 30% of the cover price, the publisher took 60% and I was left with f*cking 10%. Apple is paying 70% royalties?
      If anybody had paid me a 70% royalty I’d probably still be writing books, you naive little poppet, you.

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