Jewish man turned jihadist who threatened "South Park" gets 25 years in prison


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  1. Anonymous says:

    25 years sounds like overkill, especially just for all talk. He would have gotten less if he had stabbed someone.

  2. sapere_aude says:

    We’re not going to rehash the “Who is really a Jew?” debate again, are we? This seems to come up every time Xeni posts about this Zachary Chesser jerk. Unless someone has something new and insightful to say on the subject, I think we pretty much exhausted the topic when we debated it last year:

  3. Cazart says:

    Respect their authoritah!

  4. David Llopis says:

    Twenty-five years sounds like a lot of years—I hope this is based on having had a previous conviction…

  5. MauiMaker says:

    So did Kyle’s speech about fear and intimidation (with input from Jesus and Santa Claus) ever get published? It was ever so ironic that it got bleeped.

  6. ByAnyBeansNecessary says:

    Your headline “Jewish man turned jihadist who threatened “South Park” gets 25 years in prison” is poorly phrased leading to the wrong conclusion that Chesser is still a Jew. According to this article in the Christian Science Monitor ( Chesser converted to Islam. The key word there is converted… as in he was one religion and is now no longer that religion. As in he is a Muslim man, not a Jewish man. Although the headline phrasing suggests he is still a Jewish man.

    So while I get why you wrote the headline the way you did – it is interesting that he has Jewish roots and has now become such a fundamentalist for another religion – the headline is completely inaccurate. Chesser is Mulsim, a fact which isn’t entirely clear in that headline.

    • Church says:

      Yeah, because it’s Xeni who confuses the whole religious/ethnic/tribal thing.

      • rebdav says:

        Being Jewish is like being black or N.A. native, you cant wash it off so easily.
        That is why say a Jew converts to Christianity through Jews for Jesus, still a Jew but not practicing Judaism anymore.

    • RedShirt77 says:

      I think “turning jihadist” implies a change in religion.

      I think he probably should be in a padded cell, but glad to hear there is one less ticking time bomb on the street.

    • oneswellfoop says:

      If your mom is/was a jew, you’re a jew. You may not be a practicing jew, but it’s not a choice. You may not choose to identify as one, but you still are one.
      Don’t call other people wrong for your inability to understand this very basic and well known fact.

  7. IWood says:

    And here I thought he was a Jewish jihadist.

  8. Headbone says:

    I don’t think twenty five years is too much. People who are actually willing to kill other people for religious reasons should go away… permanently.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh cmon, this guy is 21 ! i dont want to excuse this child but i know from myself as i was 21, i was a complete idiot & i regret a lot of things that ive done in this age.

      25 jears in prison for shit like that is way 2 much. this is sick man, as sick as death penalty.
      im from germany so excuse my english, but i´m sure you get the point…

      and yes, it was of course santa claus in the bear costum…

  9. drewstarr says:

    the linked article mentions nothing of this guy being Jewish, yet the boingboing headline feels the need to do so. Smells an awful lot like Charlie Sheen going off on his “Chaim Levine” rant at Chuck Lorre yesterday.

  10. tristis says:

    As I recall, it’s actually Santa Claus in the best suit. You are only led to believe that it’s Mohammed.

  11. William George says:

    How unusual… He got an actual trial.

  12. sirkowski says:

    Good riddance!

  13. gmonkey68 says:

    I am also curious why the fact that he is or was ever Jewish is relevant. He certainly doesn’t consider himself Jewish otherwise he’d be the worst jihadist ever. Wouldn’t he jihad himself?

  14. frankieboy says:

    I want to know how those two bozos were able to speak coherent sentences while sitting across the table from Xeni, totally rockin’ that blouse unbuttoned to her navel. A tip of the turban to the lads for exhibiting mature self control and not going all Wayne’s World.

    • Kimmo says:

      I want to know how those two bozos were able to speak coherent sentences while sitting across the table from Xeni, totally rockin’ that blouse unbuttoned to her navel.

      Excuse me, but ‘those two bozos’ happen to be peerless champions of satire.

      Any Wayne’s World type behaviour in this situation would necessarily be ironic.

      • Mister44 says:

        I agree. South Park has managed to stay fresh, offensive, and relevant after all these years. They hold nothing sacred and will go after anyone and everyone. A lot of times they have libertarian themes.

        The two episodes with Mohammad were part of TV history. Kuddos to the only team with the balls to poke fun at Muslims.

        The John Smith and Scientology episodes were awesome as well.

  15. Anonymous says:

    [cue piano] “I think we all learned something today…”

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