Get chased by zombies in Google Streetview!

Mike Lacher's "Streetview Zombie Apocalypse" is a great Google Streetview mashup: enter your location and then watch (and flee) as zombies converge upon you from all directions. I managed to get about 10 blocks from my flat before they caught me. It was surprisingly intense!

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse (Thanks, Mope, via Submitterator!)


  1. there’s an Android game called “Zombies! Run!” that does the same thing, but with an overhead map, not streetview. I crank their speed up to max and let them chase me on my bike through the streets, it’s a really fun workout.

  2. This reminds me of those nightmares where you’re chased and you can barely move. No sleep for me tonight.

  3. Bored after 12:00 minutes and still alive. If you make it to a major road, that is it, you are home free (yet forever on the run I guess).

  4. I learned I am immune to zombies – they run right through me then mill around.

    Fun idea, I hope it gets better sometime!

  5. Once you get on a freeway, you’re home free. Zombies don’t understand freeway on ramps.

    I clicked my way all the way out of Reno before getting bored.

  6. while at last check, it wasn’t linked to google streetview, there’s an app on the droid marketplace called “zombie, Run!” which has been around for over a year now.

    no street view, but it uses a constantly updated google map with gps, vibrates the phone when a zombie spots you (and turns the zombie’s icon red), lets you pick the scale of the outbreak and the speed of the zombies.

    there’s even a multiplayer beta feature.

  7. Fantastic way to learn a new city. Spent 12min being chased around New York, picking streets to run down only because I’d seen them in movies before. Eventually stopped outside city hall where doubtless the zombies are spoilt for choice…

  8. I wonder if the zombie’s inability to navigate motorways/freeways/highways is a possible survival tip for a real zombie apocalypse? ;)

    Going to find this “zombies! run!” app now….

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