Googlebombers turn "Abortion" into second result for "Murder"

Someone has spoofed Google into making the Wikipedia entry for "abortion" into the second result in searches for "murder." However you feel about abortion, this Wikipedia page is pretty clearly not the second-most relevant document regarding murder on the entire English-speaking World Wide Web.

Reddit, can we PLEASE do something about this?


  1. And by trying to replicate this, thousand of people just became suspects in the deaths of their acquaintances.

  2. Funny how everyone loves Googlebombing until it’s used for something they don’t like.

    Google’s probably getting faster at fixing this sort of thing, though, so it won’t be up too long.

    1. exactly. Googlebomb is is fine unless it hits below the belt.

      I wouldn’t be surprised, and I’d be pleased, if this was payback for what happened with “Santorum”.

      1. To be clear, the “Santorum” incident did not start out as a Google bomb as the media claims. Dan Savage claims he did not even know what a Google bomb was. He just asked his readers to come up with a new definition for the word and it caught on.

    2. Funny how you think just because something is used by troglodytes you can project everyone else as now running from it and try to win a totally unsubstantiated and not very clever point.

      Truth is, googlebombing is used by the nerds on both sides.

      I score this as a win for clever, at the expense of civilization. Like land mines.

  3. If you ask me, this was done as a stunt for an ad campaign, considering how short a shelf life stunts like this have. I would bet that whoever did it was still resentful of the stunt pulled off a decade ago associating George W. Bush with incompetence in Google.

    What the practitioners forget, though, is how immature it makes them look. Though the more I think about it, the more I realise these people don’t care about looking immature—they just want to piss off others, and don’t really want to win any significant victories. They just want to fight.

    1. Short shelf life? Santorum is still Google-bombed. How long has that been. I still get pretty much the same page as in the posted image.

      It would have been nice if the recent algorithm changes that Google made fixed this crap too. Some of you may think that one or the other is funny, but none of it is ultimately helpful. I don’t think begging Reddit for help or engaging in counter Google-bombing is helpful either. Make the web a good place by producing and sharing high quality content and linking to the RELEVANT content of others. Anything else and you’re a parasite contributing to the noise. I’m not even sure this comment valuable to the discourse.

  4. They got it wrong.

    If you want to scare people from aborting Murder should be the second result when you search for abortion.
    Not the other way round.

    People that look for murder would not be worried specifically interested in abortion.

    It is still a semantic abhorrence, to impose such a restricted view of the world on others, but this does not help their cause, nor refrains people from aborting.

    Not clever I would say on the pro-life side.

    1. Yeah… I don’t really see the point here. Maybe if someone’s trying to learn the meaning of our strange America-language and want to know what murder is, and then they become a politician and/or activist?

  5. Did they fix it? Because I don’t have the ‘Murder’ link anywhere on my first results page. Not even when I log out.

  6. .fr for France ;)

    first “murder party” (a RPG) but “Abortion” is still on the 2nd place

  7. The results read like an interesting antagonistic conversation (which I’ve been kinda prepping myself for since there’s a big pro-choice/anti-H.R. 3 rally in Boston tomorrow):

    John: “What is murder?”

    Jane: “Abortion is murder.”

    John: “Whoa, hold on. Let’s get the actual definition of murder.”

    Jane: “Maybe. Or maybe we should look at the news to see how regular people define it…”

  8. By the way, red-state googlebombers have apparently rigged “miserable failure obama” to appear higher than “miserable failure bush” in Google search auto-complete.

  9. That’s kinda cool that they did it that way, instead of bombing something. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

    It’s just unfortunate because the people behind that cyber-attack are probably only into sex on the internet, where they learned about it.

  10. If you have a webpage/blog/blogger/livejournal..whatever.. just add this to it somewhere


    And if a tonne of people do it = Google Bomb

  11. I don’t necessarily even think this is a proper googlebomb, it could just be a natural consequence of the algorithms. It’s not like “abortion is murder” is a rare sentence on the internet (even if it is a disgusting one).

    How about us friendly pro-choicers start a new googlebomb for that word. Here, I’ll do it right now: murder.

    (yes, I realize that’s going to be nofollowed, but you get my point)

  12. Not on my computer. You type in “Abortion” and the top result is the wiki page for “Anti-abortion violence”. A lovely write up that shows how anti-abortionists are this country’s Jihad terrorists.

    All that “Killing in the name of God”… such irony.

  13. This is an abomination, and a crime against the English language.

    Clearly, the number two search result for “murder” should have something to do with crows.

    I am appalled.

  14. Trebek: “This is another term for murder.”
    82% Murder
    35% Homicide
    12% O.J. Simpson
    “What is abortion?”
    Trebek: “…”

  15. I’d argue that it’s a correct assessment, since murder is very much a part of abortion in the U.S.: anti-choice fanatics have murdered and attempted to murder many people in their zeal to play God.

  16. I do search engine optimization for a living. I researched this a little bit this morning.

    This is not a googlebomb – or at least it wasn’t until BoingBoing accidentally made it one.

    First thing I did was an analysis of links in to the wikipedia abortion page. So far as I can tell there are no links to the wikipedia abortion page with the word “murder” in them.

    I can find no evidence of web sites promoting linking to this page with the link text “murder”.

    Google has algorithms for finding synonyms. It looks for phrases like “x is y” on the internet. Take the word “freedom” it means a lot of things – there are books, movies, songs etc. with that name. Search “freedom is” and you will see all the equivalences.

    Now search “abortion is murder” in Google. You get 200k pages that include that phrase. So Google’s algorithm has decided that those two terms are at least related.

    Wikipedia is the Google algorithm’s favorite web site. Google returns more Wikipedia articles as search results than from any other site. Since Google has deduced that abortion and murder are related terms, it has helpfully elevated “abortion” as its second article for “murder” on Wikipedia.

    You can see which articles are relevant for a particular search term on a Wikipedia by adding “” to your search. For example try “homicide”. You will see that homicide and murder articles come up #1 and #2. This is because Google has noticed that all over the internet people talk about “homicide” and “murder” together. The #3 article is – abortion. Because all three words are now related.

    BoingBoing, and all the other sites that have picked up this story have started talking about “abortion” and “murder” in the same article, often using the phrase “abortion is murder” in the article. All those articles are strengthening the algorithm’s deduction that many people believe “abortion is murder”.

    In that sense BoingBoing is probably now the largest contributor to the murder/abortion googlebomb.

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