LCD Soundsystem + Muppets: "Dance Yrself Clean"

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(thanks, Tara McGinley)


  1. Yeah but they aren’t the REAL muppets though are they? I mean lcd soundsytem are good but this is Kermit T Frog we are talking about.

    Show some respect.

  2. Everyone loves the muppets. Everyone will stop and stare and love it – cause it’s the fucking muppets! If you don’t like the muppets, then your hears is a cold dark rock.

    FWIW – i saw a snippet of the muppet movie being filmed in Downtown LA in december. It was beautiful! There was fozzie bear and gonzo and miss piggy and kermit. live! for reals! It was a lovely moment in an otherwise rushed day.

  3. Quite a delightful little outing.

    Allthough, from a makers perspective: Isn’t it weird that someone would go through the trouble of modding store-bought puppets with stuff like fancy added arm control rods, but at the same time can’t be bothered to remove the manufacturers lables?

    I mean, every kid I´ve ever known remove the lables, and they only use their muppets for snuggling…

  4. the beach shots were beautiful and inspired
    Piggy looks great in this video!

    great post… candy for LCD Soundsystem fans.

  5. sad that it wasn’t an official pairing, but this was pretty great overall. original muppets > muppet babies, or whatever these were, but the shots of Animal working the decks pushed it over the top for me. WIN!

  6. Love LCD Soundsystem. Love the Muppets. Even if they weren’t real this was still enjoyable.

    But, Cookie Monster on keyboards? Shouldn’t it have been Rowlf?

  7. At 6:20, James Murphy sounds exactly like Kermit. Now every time I hear Rainbow Connection I will think of LCD Soundsystem.

  8. Waaaaay too long – it lost its novelty after a while. But definitely a win overall. Miss Piggy was headbangin’ it hardcore.

  9. Xeni forgot to add “+ hipsters”. They make all the difference. Best parts are where you see the glee they have watching muppets play decidedly good music.

  10. Oh lordy, I never thought that James Murphy sounds like Kermit… but he does, a bit. Not as much as John Danielle from the Mountain Goats sounds like Kermit, though!

  11. Boring song, and obviously not the actual Muppets. You’d never see the Henson group performing such bad puppetry. Whoever did this will be lucky if they don’t get sued.

  12. It’s funnier if you picture the audience not actually being able to hear the song.

    I’m surprised people stuck around like they did. The novelty probably would’ve gotten boring, unless you’re an LCD Soundsystem fan, with a song that takes about 4 minutes to really get going.

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