StyleKouncil: new "closet curation" consultancy in SF


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  1. plainsaman says:

    Oh God, more hipster chic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bitch, your cloths look fine to me!

  3. i_prefer_yeti says:

    So great! Can they please add a Gift Certificate option? I have loads of people I’d like to see looking better & giving a intro gift to them would be a nice way to get them started.

    Oh, and as for Baracuta, their online shop has an enormous yearly sale the first week of January. They have reasonable shipping rates to the US, deduct the VAT, and are good with returns if the goods don’t fit. This year I got a G27 Harewood $360 coat for $99 including shipping.

  4. crnk says:

    Well, I think they’re great, if you’re looking to dress like a hipster. To be a little more honest after writing the second paragraph, I think some of the looks they do are classic, some are trendy (nothing inherently bad there), but some are also hipster-and you just need to know if/that/when you’re doing that.
    I think the before and after of David was a lot better than the ‘runway trends’ spread. However, tacky and pretentious doesn’t even start to describe the popped collar(this seems to be a stylekouncil thing, since all men they profile on the site have it).

    • David Pescovitz says:

      The runway trends thing was more of 7×7′s hook for a good magazine feature than what StyleKouncil actually does when working with a client. And yes, the aim is to help you figure out how you want to look, not try to make you into something/someone you aren’t. They have a long questionnaire for clients to fill out and spend a ton of time just talking and trying to understand how people see themselves, and how they want others to see them. I’ve been with Kelly for twenty years and I still had to fill out the questionnaire and have those conversations. Usually, that’s the kind of thing that I roll my eyes at, but I honestly found it very helpful. : )

  5. Thorzdad says:

    Well, sure. As long as you don’t mind getting laughed out of the cupcake shop.

  6. penguinchris says:

    Problem with finding a Baracuta jacket in a thrift shop is… you’ll never find one. If you have one, you’ll likely find it stolen some day if you don’t keep a close watch on it. They’re *that* coveted.

    I had wanted one for a couple years, and finally broke down and bought one new. There’s a mens’ shop in Buffalo, NY that carries them, so I was able to try them on (they come in suit jacket sizes, e.g. 42 or 44, for a perfect fit so you want to make sure you can try it on) and check out the different colors and so on. I really shouldn’t have spent that much on a jacket – I never normally buy anything that isn’t hugely discounted, although I only buy nice-ish stuff – but I wear it whenever I can and like it a lot. I now have trouble zipping up other jackets – you use the left hand to zip it up (as most English things) rather than the right hand (as most American things).

    A lot of “old guys” wear that style jacket these days… but it still looks damn cool (if you’re not an old and fat guy), while not being ostentatious. It depends on how you wear it and what you wear it with.

  7. Purplecat says:

    It’s perfect for those ever changing modes.

  8. Captain Haddock says:

    A clever idea -but let them know their website is impossible to read. The background is too dark.

  9. gmonkey68 says:

    I have to agree with Captain Haddock on everything he said. Clever. Website impossible to red. Too dark and over the lined notebook paper it is too busy.

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