Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die: CA '70s/'80s punk/hardcore photography + art


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  1. BB says:

    I always find the Punk Era photos interesting (sometimes edgy or goofy), especially since that period still involved film: math calculations in exposure, and a ‘blind raw artistic eye’(no digital preview). Anyway, they might want to post them online for those of us on the east coast who have no hopes of flying west? Please.

  2. hungryghosty says:

    Biafra is nowhere near a punk rock as these guys:

  3. Roger Wilco says:

    If you like Punk era art check out “Fucked Up + Photocopied: instant art of the punk rock movement”

    Art, posters, flyers etc.

    Full disclosure: I helped with some of the layout/scanning but it’s still a cool book. I had it on my resume for a while but it set off alarm bells with more conservative uptight potential employers.

  4. stringmonkey says:

    That may be the cleanest bathroom stall I’ve ever seen at a club.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No such thing as punk rock necessarily. Only Do-It-Yourself.

  6. mo says:

    be sure and check out edward colver’s book “Blight at the End of the Funnel”, its probably the definitely photography book for that time period.

  7. forgeweld says:

    I was just thinking the other day that everyone still knows what Jello is, but who the hell remembers Biafra? What was once a pretty edgy name has become merely odd.

  8. Jake0748 says:

    The photo is fugly, IMHO.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jello Biafra grew up to eventually rip of his bandmates, with-holding their royalties. So sad.

  10. Anonymous says:

    is posing with a modified goatse?

  11. Art says:

    such a charming photo.

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