Game Boy Mystery (video)

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My money's on well-done hoax, but who knows...

(Thanks, Doug Lussenhop!)


  1. Hoax. The ‘antenna’ runs across like 5 solder points on the circuit board. It would short out who knows how many circuits.

    It’s connecting like 3 solder spots on the cart connector, then running across the copper shielding, then touching a ground point.

    1. Heres another reason ( I also Have one of them inside my gameboy)That’s a precursor to the Tamagotchi that you’re looking at. Bandai, the company that produces Tamagotchis, was embarrassed at the abysmal quality of the original models. At the same time, they were in talks with Nintendo on a potential merger between the two companies. Nintendo permitted Bandai to insert their failed models into Game Boys instead of throwing them out. The reason? They feared that mass disposal of the thousands of devices they had prepared would be environmentally hazardous

  2. Your and my opinion of “well-done” is very different. The expressions of he presenter come across as rehearsed and disingenuous to me, and the solicitation of additional material contribution makes me think of a slowly unwound viral plot: until there are enough “additional components”, either identical or of a variety of sorts and styles, that they can form Voltron or some such.

    I’m curious to see the final reveal when that happens, but I’m calling hoax early.

    I could of course still be wrong, and will humbly accept correction if offered.

    1. indeed, “well done” is something completely different… this isn’t believable nor interesting, full of errors, and the guy just wants to collect gameboys, for whatever reason. “well done” was the 3D eye lid flickering hoax, but not this one.

  3. I’ve seen one of these before. It’s a turbo-encabulator. Rockwell Automation made them back in the ’80s. Dunno how the kid got one.

  4. That’s the fakiest fake since Mr Fake McFakeington took the Fake Express to Faketown. Also, Fake.

    Plus glasses.

  5. Isn’t Portal2 supposed to be coming out this year?

    I have zero evidence of this at all, but I’m pegging this as a Valve marketing job – Valve has a history of screwing with their fans with complicated lead-ups and overall…geekery…and this feels like them to me.

    1. Well if it weren’t fake, he wouldn’t be so reluctant to post detailed photos or scans of the components…

      1. Where do you see that he’s “reluctant” about anything? Have you made a request to him that he’s ignored for months like Bush and a FOIA request?

  6. Hoax – from browsing at his other videos it looks like he wants to be one of those Youtube stars (that does nothing in life except make crap videos cf. Fred, Shane Dawson, etc).

  7. Hoax, had he been honest he would have held the camera on the object long enough to identify the components. SMT was only just hitting the mainstream when that Gameboy was assembled, and there are several components on that board (likely) that didn’t exist when that Gameboy was supposed to be sealed.

  8. My favorite “theory” from the comments on YouTube: His Game Boy was pregnant, and the small device is a Game Boy fetus.

  9. “I don’t even know if LCD existed in 1989.” Um, so what the hell is the Game Boy Display made of? 0/10

    1. I already called “bullshit” in my mind before that point in the video but that point made my eyes roll so hard my chair slipped out from under me.

    2. They didn’t have liquid crystal displays in the 80s. If they did, flatscreen tvs wouldn’t be worth anything today

  10. post from ofarevolution441

    That’s a precursor to the Tamagotchi that you’re looking at. See Bandai, the company that produces Tamagotchis, was embarrassed at the abysmal quality of the original models. At the same time, they were in talks with Nintendo on a potential merger between the two companies. Nintendo permitted Bandai to insert their failed models into Game Boys instead of throwing them out. The reason? They feared that mass disposal of the thousands of devices they had prepared would be environmentally hazardous.

  11. There’s a regular competition to identify PCBs and suchlike over at Bunnie Huang’s blog (the guy who designed the Chumby hardware) –

    The thought occurs the regular commenters there might like a little challenge – to identify what the board in this (fake) video actually is. :)

  12. If you take apart the glasses (with weird Japanese screwdrivers), you will find still tinier glasses inside.

  13. The board looks like a dumbphone display module. Took mine for a swim last summer and had it apart to attempt a fix. :)

    1. The board looks like a dumbphone display module. Took mine for a swim last summer and had it apart to attempt a fix.

      Did you find a Gameboy LCD inside your phone then?

  14. ok for sure he is trying to generate some traffic. yes it looks like the device My dad the SPY put in my gameboy to track this dangeous kid…. come on, hoax

    it looks like an old cell phone screen connected to an antenna of sorts, some glue here and there and that’s it! yes i went and bought the special screwdriver in amazon…. come on lies, all lies, just see his face he is not just that good.

  15. It’s certainly a hoax, but you should send Neil your Gameboys anyway, if only to see what he’s planning on doing with them.

  16. It’s not a hoax. If he would just boot the thing up, the display would undoubtedly flash a message reading “So, you finally found it, round-eyes!”

  17. My money’s on an interesting viral campaign for some new Lemon Demon stuff. Possibly branching out into chip tunes.

    Whatever it is, it’s piqued my interest. Should be interesting to see how whatever it is unfolds.

  18. Hoax. For all the reasons previously cited, and because if it wasn’t he wouldn’t have even bothered with the fake glasses.

    Isn’t anyone screening these calls?

  19. the odds that someone with a branded channel, seeking bigger and bigger audiences, a) has the random hunch to break open a gameboy and b) find something that quite possibly is a 1 out of a million glitch, strikes all intelligible mutants to agree this is some funny business going on

  20. Why was the hoax-ness ever in question? It’s just like the youtube equivalent of creepypasta on a *chan. Everyone knows it’s all fake. The fun lies in pretending, just for a minute, that it’s not.

  21. He’s selling triwing screw drivers on ebay. Wanted to drive up the price: case solved (you’re welcome)

  22. This is where the continuity dies:

    “I had a broken Gameboy and instead of throwing it away I bought a tri-wing screwdriver on Ebay and disassembled it. I don’t know anything about electronics so I bought a special tool to use once on a whim.” Who the hell would even bother?

    1. Well, I bought a little Torx driver to get into my swimming cellphone. I got no idea what I’d find. Alas, all I found inside was fizzy corroded blue-green goo — no pico-Transformer.

  23. Am I the first BB commenter to point out that he probably wasn’t even born yet in 1989?

    (If this counts as a “first!” please punch me in the gut accordingly)

  24. I was born in 1986, had one of these Game Boys until about 1995. So age isn’t the issue here.

    Here’s the main issue: this is completely fake. Internals of a gameboy just takes a quick Google:

  25. Like everyone else in the loop already said: that’s just Neil. Infinite showdown, Harry Potter Puppets, Slenderman, the list goes on.
    He’s got a cute sister who does Youtube, too.

    So let’s not waste another second debating weather this is real or fake. It´s superfake, OK.

    Let’s just squee in anticipation knowing that where ever he’s going with this, it´s gonna be helluva lot awesome, as usual.

  26. In my Gameboy, if you put the headphone plug in half-way it would pick up the radio. Maybe it’s got something to do with that?

  27. “it looks like an LCD, I am not even sure if LCDs existed back in 1989” … HELLO !!! ??? Look at the front of your gameboy … what do you think displays the game???

    Totally hoax, not even that funny

  28. I was 5 in 1989 and this guy looks a lot younger than me, which makes me doubt he had one when he was an infant….

  29. Not fake. And that’s naot an antenna, it’s a handle.

    My aunt worked in the industry, she explained that that is a diagnostic device used in production, you extend the little handle, lower it down into the machine (assembly line)and the little tabs touch a contact, the display (yes it’s an LCD) displays a test pattern.

    Why someone would glue one into a gameboy is beyond her, she said it could have been a defective one, was meant to be sent for further testing and the diagnostic tool was included (say both showed an anomaly) and accidentally was sold, but the little diagnostic tool wouldn’t be usable without the whole machine it plugs into.

    Anyhow, it’s a diagnostic tool and she showed me a picture of near identical one on google, they’re no mystery to anyone who worked in toy production of that era.

  30. Hello people, boingboing is in on it. Xeni wouldn’t otherwise drive traffic to something obviously staged and she’d also be in the comments telling us why she thought it was real. And why a kid who finds a random pcb deserves to go on boingboing.

    Enjoy the show.

  31. @bobthecitizen: Why didn’t you just supply the link? Scroll to the bottom of the discussion. Yes, his looks like a much older version of this mode. The device is a “POST diagnostic card tester” and you will see a lot that looks like the one he has along with screwdrivers.

    How many surgeons leave foreign object in their patients? Seems very reasonable that one of these POST card testers may have been left in a game.

  32. It’s a hoax but it has a little charm. Crank up the edginess somehow and it might even remind me of a PK Dick short story…

  33. You could check it out for yourself at home somehow without buying a special screwdriver, because it could just be a ploy to sell more of the gameboy-type screwdrivers. But I wouldn’t spend too much time on it, internet, because that’s how you feed the trolls. Since this is the first time that we’ve heard of it after 22 years, with all of the hobbyists opening gameboys, I seriously doubt that it’s real. And in the slim chance that it is real, he probably got the gameboy off of someone, or it was placed there (looks like a black/white Garmin LCD for a GPS receiver or something…)

  34. Guys, guys… seriously.
    I found one of these in my playstation 3! Send me all your playstation 3’s. I’m seriously.

  35. A few years ago, my kids saw a Game Boy for the first time. I mentioned I still had one from the 80s, and I pulled it out. The batteries were still in it and corroded. A house guest offhandedly mentioned a little water and a little baking soda… and we were on to other things. Meanwhile, my daughter, then about 7 years old, filled a sink with water and baking soda and SOAKED the Game Boy in it.

    A good time was had by all.

  36. Forgot I had Pandora in another tab…was playing Release to the System by Mark Franklin.

    Greatly increased the mood and freaked me out when the video ended but not the music.

  37. You think your GameBoy has problems? Well Mister, I’ve got an alien implant but you don’t see me making a youtube video! You want me to send you my GameBoy huh? Tell you what, you send me your screwy screwdriver and I’ll let you know if I find anything. Here’s my address:

    HighTech Implants, Inc.
    C/O Mr. Winka
    1 Hoax St.
    Fail, CA 90210

  38. this is the top half of any basic cheap clamshell phone, complete with antennae, external LCD and all. literally exactly what mine looked like.

  39. Can someone please PM him so we can publish his address here? The jerk is obviously hit farming.. He’s added this to the Youtube page: “As Seen On:”. I would suggest -del-ing the entire post and replacing with “Little shit wastes your time with poor acting and stupid claims”.

    Re: LCD fail – Way to make yourself look foolish to anyone who played with an original gameboy. How stupid do you have to be to not know that the screen of a Gameboy, and basically every screen outside of CRTs in the 80’s were LCD.

  40. I found a tiny LCD screen from the late 80’s the other day inside my old NES. It turned out to be a $5 watch that had been jammed into the game slot during moving.

  41. Let’s not forget that the gameboy he’s opening is the first model. Those were around in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Guessing his age, I’d say he’s in his early 20’s, making him a toddler when those models were around. At most, he’d might have owned a gameboy advanced.

    I’m also going to side with the those that point out that he’s reaching for attention, because he is in a youtube-humour-troupe.

  42. ummmm… my 2 cents:

    the small board has smd components as far as i can see. although they “existed” back then, they were practically unheard of until much later, and it would seem funny that the gameboy itself has none while the other part has.

  43. It’s a hoax of course. Someone already mentioned that the (pull out no less) antenna ran across soldering points, but also the fact that it’s not connected to anything means it’s not connected to a power source, hence it won’t do anything…

  44. People, people, people: It’s only a hoax if he’s trying to fool you.

    This is a well-known internet video comedian. Potter Puppet Pals, Lemon Demon, etc.

    Of course it’s not real — but that doesn’t make it a hoax.

    1. So true, there’s nothing funnier than some kid’s feeble attempt to con folks into sending him their old game boys.

      1. You really think anyone’s idiot enough to do that?

        Also, see update posted above, in case you were confused.

  45. It is an inverse-biofeedback driven remote neural programmer inserted in random models, which pulsed microvolt encodings into the fingers of the player through EMF transduction (hence the antennae).

    The plan was to build a nucleus of American gadget-geeks who, rather than tossing handheld gaming devices as childish fads and becoming football players, would have an insatiable craving for these sorts of things for the rest of their lives and evangelize their merits to their peers, who in turn would would form a horde of gadget-hungry consumers.

    It worked. Think about it, when did all this start, and when did these Gameboys come out?

  46. I took apart a VCR and there was a sandwich in it. it certainly explained why the VCR wasn’t working and all the tapes were covered in peanut butter, but how did the sandwich get there? I didn’t put it there!

    Personally I think it was part of a plot by Sony to discredit VHS.

  47. you fools. It’s an infindibulator from yo-yodyne industries. They make all kinds of parts for electronics in the 80’s

  48. Bit disappointing that it peters out half-way through the second video. He could have strung this out a bit longer.

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