Wearable lockpicks

Lockpick maker Ray Connors sells beautiful hand-turned little numbers and offers this tip for storing them with a safety pin, turning them into an esoteric (and literal) badge of honor.

Custom Handmade Bogota Entry Tools (via Make)


  1. For your consideration…

    “Toolry” a portmanteau of Tool and Jewelry. It should be considered gauche to wear toolry that one doesn’t actually use.

    Imagine a world where makers proudly wear tools in plain sight. Not just lockpicks, but anything you might use.

    I carry my multitool openly on my belt, but something more ornate would be nice for dressier occasions.

    Check your local laws for legality.


  2. People just don’t see what they’re not looking for. And wearing something as jewelry is a great way to take advantage of that. Ever gone barhopping wearing an earring made from a Randy’s Wired Paper? In our misspent youth, that was the very definition of preparedness on a Saturday night.

  3. Having played a lot of Fallout 3, I just keep a couple of bobby pins in my hair at all times. Once while walking down the sidewalk I saw one laying there, and I froze for a second – almost pounced on it.

  4. The Bogota profile is almost magic, maybe the best rake profile out there. With practice and the right lock it’s almost as fast as using a key.
    Rakes are for scrubbing over and manipulating more than one pin at a time, vs. the slightly more romantic method of picking one pin at a time.

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