Kinect as 3D scanner: Fabricate Yourself


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  1. benher says:

    The applications of a tool like this go so far beyond just making joke prints of yourself – it would be interesting (and useful!) to see just how far they can push it!

  2. zapan says:

    In the near future, you will be able to find online 3D models of your favourite celebrities, obtained by illegal infrared scanning during public photocalls.

    A bit later, when 3D scanning will be implemented in cellphones (wich is the next logical step after videoprojection), you will find 3D models of every randomly attractive girl around, including your ex, floating around in the cloud.

    New kinds of pornography will emerge (by implementing the desired 3D model in various downloadable erotic scenarios) and big companies will harvest thousands model files to monitor the evolution of their customers health, shape and desires.

  3. squeeziecat says:

    I can already see my son swapping action figure poses with his virtual friends around the world and building a personalized collector set.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So someday we can hold a part up to a camera, rotate it around a couple times and then get a duplicate printed out on the spot. This will also make those wax molding machine at amusement parks more amusing when _you_ can be the souvenir figurine being created.

  5. Elmo Gearloose says:

    Cool! Can I use the 3D printer to fabricate the ultra-rare Fatty Arbuckle Pez dispenser?

    I guess what pushes new tech into mainstream popularity is to use it for porn:
    VCRs, the internet, digital cameras, etc.

  6. hijukal says:

    What, no Han Solo carbonite joke?

  7. Anonymous says:

    it would be cool if it start printing all the parts needed to create another printer like that – then it would be life

  8. gwailo_joe says:

    Hey!!! Go Fabricate YOURself pal! wait. . .what? sorry. . .

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