Charlie Sheen rant gets Taiwanese animated TV news treatment

Here is the video. But you don't need to watch the video, even, just meditate upon this still.


  1. We really need Charlie to team up with Kelsey Grammer to give us a two (flaming) fisted, all-hookers, all-the-time TV show/gossip fest.

  2. Watching these every night in my hotel was one of the highlights of my trip to Taipei! (That and the awesome people and food!)

  3. Ha ha, from the above still I thought he was pooping potatoes; I watched the vid and now know it’s actually golden eggs.

  4. You can’t lay golden eggs, Charlie Sheen. You aren’t a mythological goose. You don’t even have a cloaca.

  5. As someone who has only been slightly aware that Charlie Sheen and Ducky From That John Hughes Movie have had a show over the past odd number of years, has Sheen always been living this far over in Crazytown or is this pretty new stuff? I’m aware of his habitual loft in PartyCity with brief stints in Rehabville, but the 9-11 stuff, F-18’s, Colonel Kurtz and use of the phrase “poetry in my fingertips” is seeming to come out of nowhere for me.

  6. If Charlie and Lindsey got together and had babies, it would make for some of the most compelling reality tv EVER.

  7. I’m pretty sure that Sheen admitted to being a “Martian rock star” in that interview on NBC.

    Which, actually, pretty much explains everything…

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