Hipsterscience: Twitter comedy on true indie science


7 Responses to “Hipsterscience: Twitter comedy on true indie science”

  1. dculberson says:

    Two hipsters declared their majors as evolutionary biology. The one hipster turned to the other and said, “let’s get out of this field, there are too many hipsters in it.”

  2. rebdav says:

    Hipsters were cooler before there was that lame hipster label applied. OTOH anything to get more smart women to throw out the contacts wear geeky glasses!

  3. bnschlz says:

    To keep things simple and less likely to break I did actually use an overhead projector for my thesis defense.

    The projector’s light bulb blew after the first slide.

  4. pa says:

    I liked hipster bashing before it was mainstream.

  5. aspec says:

    What’s a hipster?

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