John Galliano: I love Hitler!

Over the weekend fashion designer John Galliano was accused of making threatening racist and anti-semitic remarks at a Paris bar. Fellow designer Patricia Field posted a public message defending her friend and was quoted by Women's Wear Daily as saying, "People in fashion all they do is go and see John Galliano theater every season. That's what he gives them. To me, this was the same except it wasn't in a theater or in a movie. John lives in theater. It's theater. It's farce." No word on whether she caught his Oscar-worthy performance in the above video allegedly shot last year at the same bar. Meanwhile, Christian Dior gave Galliano his walking papers. "John Galliano: 'I Love Hitler'" (HuffPo)


  1. If I had the time or the inclination, I’d think of a witty phrase that ties in the train on a wedding dress with the value of “making the trains run on time”.

    But Nazis give me a soft-on.

  2. I hope I read correctly an article (here?) where he gave the gayest designer smackdown: “You’re ugly and your fucking bag is ugly, too.”

  3. Patricia Field “blah blah blah..he’s REALLY a nice guy…blah blah blah…”

    I’m sorry. Nice people don’t talk about how they like Hitler and how the people they are talking to wouldn’t exist because their families should’ve been gassed.

    That is just unacceptable. An employer should take steps to remove that person immediately.

    What an asshole.

  4. As an American, I will fight for his freedom of speech, and also for his employer’s freedom to hire and fire whomsoever they choose!

  5. As a homosexual he would’ve been gassed by Hitler too. But I find it hard to give a crap about some guy who is drunk as hell and obviously being provoked blurting out something offensive. Prince Harry dressed in as a Nazi for halloween which seems far worse an offense. That was a decision made sober and planned in advance. And yet the backlash on this seems far worse.

    1. Y’know, I’ve been pretty drunk before. And, while drunk, I’ve said things that I wish I hadn’t said. But I’ve never declared my admiration for Hitler or started talking to somebody about how their family would have been killed by the Nazis.

      I really have a hard time believing that the stuff people say while drunk has nothing to do with their honest beliefs.

      There’s plenty of room for backlash on both this and Prince Harry’s terrible taste in Halloween costumes.

      1. I sort of have actually, in the interest of artistic provocation. Street theater is sometimes a degenerate art.

      2. Haven’t you heard? The internet is only allowed to care about one thing at a time. If we talk about John Galliano, who will speak for Darfur?

    2. Dolo, I disagree. Dressing a Nazi for a costume party indicates a lack of taste. Saying one wished the Nazis were successful is very different.

      Incidentally, one thing that isn’t getting much press that should be getting more is that Galliano may be prosecuted for his remarks. This is not good. This sort of thing should be protected free speech. I’ve got no problem with Dior firing him but it shouldn’t be the government’s job to prosecute people for saying stupid shit.

      1. I agree that speech should be protected. However, just to clarify, he’s not being investigated by police for the video above but rather some separate incident that happened over the weekend at the same bar.

    3. Not that I support giving a crap about fashion, but how do you provoke someone into saying that they love Hitler? Alcohol lowers inhibitions, it doesn’t alter opinions.

  6. In other news:
    Germany has now passed a law that makes uttering the phrase: “Ich liebe John Galliano” punishable by law, unless it is used in the context of art or history.

  7. In Germany it is illegal to praise Hitler or his policies. Is this really a bad thing? In America we don’t have total freedom of speech: you can’t yell “fire!” in a crowder theater for instance, nor can you libel someone. It’s clearly a matter of thresholds, yes? There is a limit past which it cannot be tolerated. And if calling out your support for the worst crimes ever committed by mankind is not past that limit, then what is?

  8. Now all the people who are slaves to fashion trends are going to find it hip to love Hitler. That is somewhat how it started 70 or so years ago; the fashionable fell for Hitler and only the cool kids were allowed to be Nazi’s. Now Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber will have to start wearing swastikas and Hitler mustaches. And Christian Dior will be the forefront of the latest retro fad. What’s next? Big ovens and invading your neighbors?
    Oh fashion! You are sooo chic!!
    If people can be so blind as to feel doing cocaine or meth is trendy, think how far this can go.

  9. Now, Dior has “fired” Galliano (is processing the paperwork and perusing the financial repercussions and obligations), but Dior also owns the controlling stock of Galliano’s self labelled brand. Are they going to divest their stock in that enterprise, or is this firing just a stage show, and they’re going to keep him sedated until people forget, then let him swagger back in?

  10. The one thing Galliano…Gibson…and Sheen…(Assange?)share is that they have been sated with mind-numbing success. When that happens, I believe people lose their compass and say whatever comes into their heads wherever they are. There’s no privacy at all for them as one conversation bubbles into another…the fault lines are gone!They are completely full of ‘Me!’
    How many of us would survive public disclosure of our private use of the ‘N’-word…the ‘J’-word…the ‘C..F..or..T’bombs if we were celebrities?
    We know we would be finished because we think clearly…these guys can’t anymore.

  11. I’m sure that with his evident charm and oh-so practical skills, he’ll have a high-paying job again very soon.

  12. This is cocaine/meth behavior. We know that he’s a nut, but I suspect that he’s also a tweeker.

  13. I like Anon’s #21 comments above. I think they hit the nail on the head.

    He sounds like the mean-spirited and bitterly competitive gay kids I dealt with in the fashion department at my art school in London, only older and angrier.

    If I were to make a guess, what we’re seeing here is probably a combination of alcohol, long-term drug use, and the stunted personal interactions which tend to plague the fashion industry, especially among the successful.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if extreme success and a complete lack of meaningful emotional attachments for years (or at least none that weren’t poisoned by politics) have probably screwed him up. I kind of feel sorry for him.

  14. What an ignorant man. Hitler wanted to kill homosexuals as well so he wouldn’t be alive either. Anyone still supporting Hitler is support senseless hate anchored in ones own in insecurities.

  15. He sounds like the mean-spirited and bitterly competitive gay kids I dealt with in the fashion department at my art school in London

    Got a bad grade in one of your design studios, eh?

    1. jackm didn’t say he wasn’t gay; it’s not clear whether that was a statement about all gay kids, or a clique of mean students at his school who apparently also happened to identify as gay.

      1. I was speaking as someone who worked my ass off in design school to try to be the best in my class. And, yes, those of us who put in 100 hours a week on our design projects were pretty derisive of those who put in ten hours, or two hours, on theirs.

    2. I’m calling this for immoderate and self revealing snarkiness unworthy of (a normally exemplary ) moderator, an opinion confirmed by the follow-up autobiographical snapshot!

      1. We’re commenting on a blog post about some drunk who cosplays, not sipping tea with the queen. Get some perspective.

        1. Believe I got that perspective all fresh wrapped and ready to go, Ten Inches, and it’s aimed quite lightly – nay, affectionately – at Antinous (Moderator) for snarking at another commenter in what I reckoned was a divertingly immoderate manner NOT at the wee designery man in the hat, who’s clearly unpleasant, unhappy and off his face on what looks suspiciously like the drug called Charlie Sheene.

  16. Christ, first Alexander McQueen and now this. Unbearable, the world will end up dictated by people like Steve Jobs, Unbearable….

  17. in my own observation, just being drunk may not be enough to cause someone to say something so startlingly offensive that’s also completely out of character, but being an alcoholic may.

  18. I’m way out of touch with high fashion, because I keep looking at this guy’s hat wondering what he was thinking

  19. There is a definite difference between Free Speech and Hate Speech.

    Dior’s (LVHM’s) response was quick, appropriate, and justified. It’s not acceptable for a someone who represents any brand to act in such a way (especially if they’re an ambassador such as Galliano), let alone any human being.

  20. > In any future biopic, Galliano should be played by Ro[w]an Atkinson

    Or David Foley..

    “I can’t believe I thanked Hitler!”

  21. I know very little about Galliano beyond what’s in this vid (other than what some of his dresses look like).

    But I’ve seen drunks before, and I’m guessing that this is just the latest in a long list of stupid, offensive, insane, self-destructive trouble (probably mostly done in private) that he’s brought on himself and others while ‘faced.

    I just hope he doesn’t drive.

  22. Meh. He sounds like a typical mean drunk saying the things mean drunks typically say. It’s just most of them aren’t famous enough that anyone cares and don’t end up doing it to people who put them on the web where people who care can be amused.

    Growing up with a parent like this I can honestly say “I love Hitler, people like you would be dead” is lollipops and pancakes.

  23. So he loses his job for saying something stupid and offensive out of work while drunk. Hmm, so how many of us would also be fired if our nights out were put on youtube.

    I think rounding on someone for something said in private is unfair and actually quite scary – it’s like thought police! He hasn’t actually gone out and done anything connected to what he’s saying – he isn’t inciting anything and the people he is talking to are clearly goading him on. When I read the article in the paper I thought it was fair, as I assumed he was ranting and shouting at someone. Now I’ve seen the video and note the lack of context I don’t think this forms evidence for anything.

    P.S. I don’t love Hitler in case anyone gets the wrong idea.

  24. No no no, chic people are supposed to say “I love Paris!”:

    This guy is doing chic wrong, sez I.

  25. I hope he is bashed to death in the Street, Inglourious Bastards-style.

    The fashion industry is a huge waste of time, money and cocaine. People who care about high-fashion have nothing to live for and should probably be put down themselves.

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