Mario versus the flagpole - animation

B3ta's herman:D made this grisly Mario aftermath animation. Watch out for those sharpened flagpoles, Mario!

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  1. i could have done with the ‘the end’ at the end. it wasn’t 8-bit-looking enough for me.

  2. This just isn’t… that… good.

    For instance, it has none of the creativity or artistry you find in “Mario v. Pac-Man animated short film”, whose link you can find above, just under the endlessly recycling clip.

  3. The sudden, sharp jump in the animation really ruins it for me. It’s lazy really, as it’d be super easy to mask Mario out, and slightly extend the distance of his jump to make a natural looking parabola.

  4. I agree with DaveP. It should have said Game Over or gone to the Game over screen or something. A random “The End” seems kind of out of place.

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