Polar-bear swimmers play upside-down hockey beneath a frozen lake

Darren Barefoot sez, "Certainly the weirdest extreme sport I've seen in a while. Free-diving enthusiasts play hockey under frozen lakes, with the floating puck gliding along the underside of the ice. It's unclear if bodychecking is permitted."

Extreme Underwater Ice Hockey (Thanks, Darren!)


  1. Finland: undisputed master of extreme-temperature sports. They should combine this with the sauna endurance competition.

    1. I saw the link on my Twitter feed and also thought it was actual polar bears. While still interesting, the actual video is not nearly as adorable.

  2. They play with an air hole? What are they? Toddlers?
    Why don’t they take the training wheels off this game?

  3. Awesome and totally nuts… this should be in the WInter Olypmics… anything that’s a real sport and not stupid jumping around on snowboards…

  4. This is absoultely incredible! This should indeed be an olympic game. These people are athletes!

  5. Diving fail #1, its not oxygen the support divers are carrying its compressed air. The media never gets this right, its almost always air, NOT oxygen. Science interlude: Even at serious depth its not oxygen, in fact the deeper you go the less oxygen there is in the mixed gas you carry, otherwise the partial pressure of the oxygen in the mix becomes toxic and causes CNS poisoning = convulsions and drowning.

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