Boing Boing boxes find new homes

IMG_1197.jpg The folks randomly selected to get one of three mystery boxes have started receiving them! Ms. H. blogs her box's contents here. Ms. B. of California emailed to say she'd gotten hers (she had a special box with only one item). Which leaves Mr. L., a resident of Canada who had a bit of a mailing wait and even set up a microblog for his box: he reports that it's just arrived, but he hasn't has a chance to open it up yet. One reader speculation, however, I can confirm as incorrect.


  1. This leaves my knowledge sated regarding The Box. I am glad to hear the cat is neither dead nor alive and it does not contain any human head in the end.

    Finally I can sleep!

  2. The disappointment of CES swag is something we can all be disappointed in together.

  3. Let’s see what’s in the box.

    Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

    Stupid…! You’re so stupid…!!

  4. Yay, I’m “Internet-famous”! Now I wish I’d spent more time learning how to work my iPad “Sketchpad”.

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