Maho Beach: like sunbathing on a runway

What you see in this photo is a common occurrence at Maho Beach on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. Photographer Thomas Prior spent a week there taking pictures on the dunes, where there's even a flight schedule chalkboard so you're not taken by surprise. From Turnstyle:
 Wp-Content Uploads 2011 02 91 “The jet blast is like a 150 degrees and (the blowing sand) feels like rocks.” Prior said, “There were 60 planes that week, and I was there for every one of them.” Nearly six million people have watched a YouTube video of a 747 blowing beach goers dozens of feet into the ocean. Prior says he was hoping to capture that over and over again – sunbather after sunbather hurtling into the ocean in a Wizard Of Oz-like hail of sand clouds. He sounded disappointed when he added, “Only one or two of them had the power to blow people into the water.”

On one end of the beach there’s a bar with a deck gazing out onto the spectacle of Maho, with speakers broadcasting radio chatter from pilots preparing to take off and land. On the beach itself, there’s a sign announcing the flight schedule for the day, and before the airport installed a second security fence, beach goers used to hang on the chain link fence and flap like flags in the blast from jet engines revving for takeoff.

"Runway Beach"