Scattered Trees' Sad Stormtroopers video


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  1. tedrock says:

    Just how do stormtroopers go to the bathroom in those suits? I would assume some of that armor would need to be removed…

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Reclaimed water circulates to catchpockets from which you draw it through this tube in the clip at your neck. Urine and feces are processed in the thigh pads.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I used to work with two of them! Kind of cool to see them pop up on BB.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I liked more the first 2 minutes of the songs but look too much inspired by The Pixies (where is my mind) and the homage goes to them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really like how the actress resembles Karen Allen. Some unintentional cross pollenation going on.

  5. BDiamond says:

    So, this is bootgaze emo? I can’t keep up with what the kiddies are listening to these days.

  6. chimusicguy says:

    Interesting concept. Nice homage. Sticking to canon: fail. If any old stormtrooper could get their hands on a lightsaber, why wouldn’t the entire corps carry them? And wtf is up with the beaming out at the end?

    Also, music is trite.

    • Boba Fett Diop says:

      Man, late Empire-period stormtroopers have enough trouble with blasters, doors and ledges. You do not want to put lightsabers in the hands of those guys.

      Also, if your drummer is going to wear a Boba Fett outfit, at least get him to wear the helmet. A good drummer should have a taciturn Charlie Watts-like presence anyway.

    • Brainspore says:

      If any old stormtrooper could get their hands on a lightsaber, why wouldn’t the entire corps carry them?

      I always assumed it was for the same reason that most soldiers don’t carry swords; for most people in most combat situations, a gun is a much more effective weapon. A lightsaber is only especially deadly in the hands of someone trained in the Jedi arts. (Unless you count accidental self-inflicted wounds, I imagine.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great song guys, SXSW is gonna love it. I dig the video Jason, can’t beat the Star War’s tribute. Although, I think the Jedi’s escape could have been more punch, see: Liam Neeson, and less choke, see: Vader. You really can’t beat a good throat punch.

  8. skeptacally says:

    too. many. cymbals.

  9. Anonymous says:

    nice image, but the riff and tone of the song reminds me too much to Nuno (Bettencourt, ex-guitarrist from Extreme, the band mostly known by its hit ‘More than words’)’s’I wonder’.

  10. rossmcd says:

    i love it!

  11. magneticwheels says:

    more sad white guys. what is wrong with us? why does african music always sound so much more joyful than ours? c’mon boys! no more dullmopery!

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