Lionel Richie "lost" flyer


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is there a photo of Lando Calrissian on a flyer?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rip tabs. Did u fall off the ceilng.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He got hurt by his wife one time!! She broke his freakin nose for cheating!!

  4. Jake0748 says:

    Silly geese.

  5. Talia says:

    hehe. This was all over facebook yesterday, glad to see it show up here too. Its a delightful bit of utter sillyness. (Since passing it along to my friends, I know at least two of them have printed out a replica and put it up in their cubicles. I intend the same).

    Lest people miss it, do look closely at those tabs!

  6. Trois says:

    Tight. Saw this on #whitenoise earlier. ‘sup Squalor.
    Why didn’t I think of this? Too many reasons.

  7. emo hex says:

    “Please let me feel your face, let me feel who I’m looking for !”

  8. BBNinja says:

    I like the one where someone pasted a picture of rapper/actor Ice Cube over the Ice Cube dispenser at a food court :P

    • Talia says:

      The person who stocks the soda machine at my workplace has a sense of humor, among the machine’s decor is a photo of Ice-T over the button to purchase Iced Tea. :P

  9. tw15 says:

    Wondering if you could do a similar one with others – Rick Astley…

  10. slim 007 says:

    john morse used a similar delivery device for a piece of street art throughout new york city in 1993. please see:

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can only look for him with my hands.

  12. wanderingstan says:

    Too awesome. I created a pdf of the poster, if you want to play along in your own city:

  13. burritoflats says:

    In my opinion, Lionel Richie is beyond ridicule and comedic reproach. I mean, the dude totally sang “BRICK HOUSE”!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Walter Orange sang lead vocals on the Commodores 1977 hit “Brick house.”

    • TheCrawNotTheCraw says:

      Agreed. “Brick House” is irresistible/delectable.

      BTW, and on another subject, I thought the picture was of Eddie Murphy’s “Buckwheat” satire from SNL. The similarity is disconcerting.

  14. Jelf says:

    Apparently, Lionel has recently converted to Islam and is about to realise his lifelong dream of opening a butchers shop.

    He’s calling it ‘Halal – Is it Meat You’re Looking For?’

    • skeptacally says:

      other than the searing pain of shooting orange juice out my nose, you seriously made my day. er… comically made my day.

  15. spejic says:

    Oh, god, Lionel. You have been hurt. You have been hurt by somebody, that much is clear. Who hurt you? Who hurt you?

    Who hurt you?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Everyone, please check your ceilings.

  17. RandyO says:

    Actually, it was all over Facebook after I posted this photo (which I took in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta) on my Facebook wall, Feb. 24. The creator contacted me, and wants to stay anonymous but is tired of the grade-B knockoffs, so he has made the original poster available for all at:

  18. Anonymous says:

    I believe I saw him dancing on the ceiling.

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