Lionel Richie "lost" flyer

Lionelrrrrr 'Cause he wonders where you are, and he wonders what you do. (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. hehe. This was all over facebook yesterday, glad to see it show up here too. Its a delightful bit of utter sillyness. (Since passing it along to my friends, I know at least two of them have printed out a replica and put it up in their cubicles. I intend the same).

    Lest people miss it, do look closely at those tabs!

  2. Tight. Saw this on #whitenoise earlier. ‘sup Squalor.
    Why didn’t I think of this? Too many reasons.

    1. The person who stocks the soda machine at my workplace has a sense of humor, among the machine’s decor is a photo of Ice-T over the button to purchase Iced Tea. :P

  3. In my opinion, Lionel Richie is beyond ridicule and comedic reproach. I mean, the dude totally sang “BRICK HOUSE”!!

    1. Agreed. “Brick House” is irresistible/delectable.

      BTW, and on another subject, I thought the picture was of Eddie Murphy’s “Buckwheat” satire from SNL. The similarity is disconcerting.

  4. Apparently, Lionel has recently converted to Islam and is about to realise his lifelong dream of opening a butchers shop.

    He’s calling it ‘Halal – Is it Meat You’re Looking For?’

    1. other than the searing pain of shooting orange juice out my nose, you seriously made my day. er… comically made my day.

  5. Oh, god, Lionel. You have been hurt. You have been hurt by somebody, that much is clear. Who hurt you? Who hurt you?

    Who hurt you?

  6. Actually, it was all over Facebook after I posted this photo (which I took in the Cabbagetown neighborhood of Atlanta) on my Facebook wall, Feb. 24. The creator contacted me, and wants to stay anonymous but is tired of the grade-B knockoffs, so he has made the original poster available for all at:

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