Slow loris with a tiny umbrella (cute video)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now…If it had suddenly burst out doing “Singin’ In The Rain”, you’d really have something.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “The Slow Loris urine washes and marks its territory by urinating on its hands and then walking along, or by dragging its genitals along.”

    You’re welcome.

  3. Jack says:

    I like the way the Slow Loris closes it’s eyes when it gets the umbrella! I accept this as a Unicorn chaster for the dyed chicks.

    • cmaceachen says:

      “a Unicorn chaster for the dyed chicks”

      Hardly. The Slow Loris is an endangered species and private captivity of these animals is illegal in many countries. Furthermore, they have a ridiculously high mortality rate in captivity due in large part to the fact that their canines (cute as they are, they like to bite and are poisonous) are ripped out with pliers prior to shipping.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not denying their cuteness, but isn’t a loris an illegal pet? It’s endangered too, so the continued demand for them as pets endangers wild populations as much as hunting does.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cute! I wish it were set free in the wild (sigh). It’s sad that they’re now endangered

  6. kpkpkp says:

    “I am the Slow Loris and I speak for the tiny umbrellas….ahhhh….”

  7. Jake0748 says:

    What a sweet little animal. But I wonder what its doing in some local grocery store (or where ever).

    From the article linked above, Slow Lorises are:
    “hunted for their large eyes, which are prized for local traditional medicine.”

    I don’t think this is so cute.

  8. anansi133 says:

    Easy to see why they’re in such demand for pets (and folk remedy medicine).

    Looks like they’ll be extinct soon enough, and we’ll have the videos to remember them by.

  9. Anonymous says:

    INB4 relentless negativity… oh wait Jake0748 beat me to it

  10. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Wow. Debbie Downer’s been breeding.

    • cmaceachen says:

      ignorant and happy or aware and depressed. you decide.

      • porkchop says:

        “ignorant and happy or aware and depressed. you decide.”

        I need that on a t-shirt.

    • Jack says:

      I wish Cathy was still around so I could get some advice on how to deal with this cute-animal negativity. ACK!!!!

    • Jake0748 says:

      Sometimes Debbie Downer has a valid point. If you take a good look at this creature in the video, is it not obvious that it is exotic and unusual, therefore comes from some relatively unknown/unexplored place?

      I feel sad that people seem to have a need to exploit every last thing they can get their hands on.

  11. Jack says:

    “Slow Loris with a Tiny Umbrella” also sounds like name of a new Flaming Lips project.

  12. doggo says:

    That’s actually kinda unpleasant to watch. The person handling the Loris, who I’ve name Peter Loris, ’cause it kinda sounds like Peter Lorre, seems kinda rough with poor Peter. Also the – here’s an umbrella *snatch* hahahah now you want it hahaha, here’s an umbrella *snatch* hahahah now you want it hahaha, poke, poke, routine seems kinda mean spirited.

    Meh. At least cats can grab your hand and gnaw on it in retaliation.

  13. durfsmurf says:

    It’s not our fault for being downers, anyway. Y’all posted a cute little animal followed by a link to a Wikipedia article that says that locals MAKE THEM INTO WINE.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I watched Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness (1927) recorded off TCM recently. Slow loris with a tiny umbrella that movie reminds me of.

  15. tsa says:

    You must be pretty heartless to keep that as a pet. It’s obviously a night creature from deep within the jungle. I didn’t find the movie cute at all, just sad.

  16. facetedjewel says:

    Grrrrrrrrrr! Saw this on Neatorama, couldn’t finish watching. “LET THE LORIS HAVE THE DAMNED UMBRELLA!”

    Not cute.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i’m not usually a knee-jerk reactionary to things i don’t agree with (or understand) but this video made me sad. the animal was obviously comforted by holding the tiny umbrella and the fellow kept taking it away and the moving it around like it was a ‘thing’ rather than a living creature. as i said, i usually nod and move on, but this made me sad.

    Loris Cleachman

  18. Anonymous says:

    Poor little guy. His species is going extinct, he’s hunted for his eyes, made into wine, his teeth are clipped, he’s in some crappy grocery store far from the jungle.

    But if tickling and a tiny umbrella can make him happy for a moment, this video is cute.

    Sorry, slow loris.

  19. Anonymous says:

    not really impressed with the uploader’s ID:
    Uploaded by fakeandgaychannel.
    it will be nice when some time in the future we don’t use that word in a negative way.

  20. Lidok says:

    Poor helpless Loris… if I did that to my cat (40lb Norwegian forest cat) I would have had stitches on my head (yes, he attacks my had when he gets pissed)

    And what is up with removing parts of animals you find unbeneficial? That’s just sick.

  21. Godfree says:

    Yeah, I’m also in the Debbie Downer camp. Expected more from the Boingers than these “Look at these adorable exploited/endangered animals! Just look at them!” posts. The frickin’ planet’s dying, people.

  22. Talia says:

    Yeah! Darn those pictures of cute animals! Moar depressing posts on how the world is going down the tubes, plz. Thx.

  23. mr.skeleton says:

    Re: Debbie Downers
    There is no right way or wrong way for the planet to be. It is presumed to be in a ‘correct’ configuration without humanity, but humans are not some meddling third party; we are of the earth. Why is that?

    Sorry, it’s late and my mind wanders. I like umbrella loris.

    • cmaceachen says:

      Perhaps, but there is a right and wrong way for people to be. The right way is to cause as little pain and suffering as possible. The wrong way is hell for non-humans (and very often humans.)

  24. Doran says:

    These comments show why we can’t have nice things.

  25. EeyoreX says:

    Call me crazy, but if these cuddly creatures are losing their natural habitats, beeing hunted for crazy-ass medicine and even being pressed into friggin juice by the locals, then maybe the best way to save them from extinction would be to start breeding them as domesticiced pets on a bigger scale? You know, make it a seriously regulated buisness instead of a grey market trade.

    It worked out pretty fine for cats and dogs, if you look on a larger scale.

    • Kayla says:

      Without crunching out their poison teeth, I don’t see the loris being domesticated any time soon. Also, most people wouldn’t be happy feeding their cute doe eyed loris live grubs they would also need to keep at home:

      Sorry bb, I’m in the debbie downer camp on this one. You’re promoting indifference to bad behavior just because it’s cute.

  26. dr says:

    I assume that the umbrella is there to keep the mogwai from getting wet.

  27. chemical404 says:

    oh wow, that’s one lazy mothafucka!
    what do they taste like?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Our grandparents had the film of the last Tasmanian Tiger alive in the world.

    How ironic would it be if our legacy was the last Slow Loris, holding a cute umbrella in his hand on YouTube? Maybe he could have a Facebook “in memoriam” wall…

  29. sirps says:

    This is pretty grim to be fair boing boing.

    This is a creature that has been plucked from its native habitat, its teeth have been snapped and they often have to break their fingers to get them to let go of the bit of jungle they are much better off in.

    Whatever way you look at it ‘aaaaaaw isn’t he cute / aaaaaaaw he looks sad’ this post isn’t for the benefit of his welfare, worse still for the welfare of his species.

    On a bigger picture it is propagating the whole ‘i want one’ mentality, and it makes me sad to think the boing boing community is knocking a nail in the coffin of a wonderful species.

    You might remember a while back the pygmy loris hands in the air video;

    This was a happy individual being looked after by researchers in the field.

    This is a far from happy animal, and boing boing should be ashamed.

    Take it down,


  30. EH says:

    How, exactly, does one “promote indifference?” It’s an oxymoron.

  31. Sapa says:

    (Putting aside all the reality of what we humans do to our planetary neighbours, which we are very good at), in the Here and Now of this delightful vid the Slow Loris looks sublimely happy. It’s one of those moments where we can recognise that other creatures besides ourselves do share sentience and emotion.