Fractal Lab

Tom "Subblue" Beddard, whose fractal work was featured here recently, developed an interactive WebGL fractal explorer app that runs in the browser. Fractal Lab currently works in Chrome or the latest FF4 beta.


  1. The lack of direct OpenGL support for Windows is a killer. But it looks brilliant. I use several OpenGL apps on my Windows machine, so I know it’s possible (but perhaps not within WebGL).

  2. Define ‘latest version’. I’m running what claims to be latest version, 10.0.648.127.beta, and it says I’m not supported. :(

  3. Odd. I’ve tried running chrome with the –enable-webgl or -enable-webgl switches, but to no avail. Darn.

  4. That’s do cool…now If only WebGL would work with any of the new versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Webkit on my Mac…I’d be a very happy camper!

  5. I’m using the same version and it doesn’t work for me either. Interesting since a couple of months ago I tried Google body and it worked fine, but WebGL doesn’t seem to work any more.

  6. woooahhhh
    this is gratuituous math porn at its best.
    it even crashed my video driver. I’m glad I’m finally using 100% of my computer for something beautiful.

  7. It seems on Windows XP you need to use the –ignore-gpu-blacklist switch, and take your chance (presumably there’s a reason it’s disabled by default)…

  8. I’m running Google Chrome 11.0.686.3 (which claims is up to date) and this does’t run for me, helpfully suggesting that I run Google Chrome instead. So something is amiss.

  9. Fantastic stuff!!!! Someone should port this to XBox or PS3 and allow exploration with joysticks, etc.

  10. Just loaded it and its getting my MacBook Pro
    running hotter than I’ve ever seen it (200 deg F).

    Still, if my aluminum unibody turns into a heap of
    smoldering slag, I think its worth it.

    This program is amazing.

  11. Running Chrome 10.0.648.127 beta on Mac OS 10.5.8, and there’s no WebGL. I tried about:flags and tried searching help, to no avail. I was thinking about upgrading to 11.0.686.3 dev, but the comments above indicate that’s not working either. I want to fix it, because these also look awesome:

  12. Nice art, but also a spam for Chrome and FF. I have both on 7 different computers and NONE of them works.

    Main Laptop – HP HDX9010NR Windows Vista Ultimate x64 Chrome N FF4 N
    Laptop 2 Gaming Laptop – Cyberpower Win 7 Ultimate x32 Chrome N FF4 N
    Laptop 3 – Toshiba Win Vista Home Premium x32 Chrome N FF4 N
    Laptop 4 – Fujitsu Win XP Pro x64 Chrome N FF4 N
    Mobile File Server – Cyberpower Running Windows XP Home Chrome N FF4 N

    Desktop 1 – Cyberpower Running Win 7 Ultimate x64 Chrome N FF4 N
    Fileserver – Dell Running Windows XP Pro x64 Chrome N FF4 N

    I was curious, and Laptop 3 doesn’t do much, so I ghosted it and reloaded it with an original image from about 2 years ago. After an hour of updating, I installed Chrome and FF4. No joy.

    I call Bullshit.

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