Thermos + Threadless bottles, lunch bags, and shirts

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Thermos and Threadless teamed up to create a fun line of lunchboxes and thermos bottles. I wanted to buy the spaceman bottle above for my son, but this style is only available in the 24 ounce size (as opposed to the 18 ounce) and that's a bit bulky for a 4-year-old to bring to school every day. So instead, I got him the t-shirt of this same fantastic graphic titled "Funkalicious," by Christopher Golebiowski. There are more than a dozen designs in the Thermos+Threadless series.

Thermos/Threadless items (Amazon)

Thermos+Threadless (


    1. Yes! Just saw that the Threadless page takes you to Target to purchase online. I think they may have more choices than Amazon. Thanks!

  1. @Anon 1&2:

    The vacuum of space may not transmit sound waves in the traditional sense, but if that ‘naut has the box pressed right up to the side of his helmet then the vibration of the speakers may be conducted through the body of the box into the helmet itself.

  2. the designs on these are great! I sure wish there was a way to purchase the water bottles without involving Target. Since their support, no matter how small, of anti-gay lobbying activities, they’re on my “no go” list for places to shop.

  3. I just saw these an hour or two ago when I was in Target. The space man really grabbed my attention, because I bought a shirt with that graphic on it about a year ago for a friend of mine who’s big into space and astronomy.

    Thing is I bought it in Thailand, for $3 or so… when I saw it on the water bottle in Target today, it confirmed that yep, most of the shirts in the markets in Thailand use ripped-off graphics. This was in a market catering to Thai university students, by the way, not a tourist market. I have seen designs there that are definitely original, but mostly they’re rip-offs from the internet.

    Anyway though this is surprisingly cool stuff for Target; typically they only have the high-schooler version of hipster t-shirts, and fairly generic designs for other products. These are legitimately good designs, and not just for hipsters.

  4. It is really cool that the company who made my grandfather’s coffee containing device that he took to work for 30 years is now making things my kids will love. Go Thermos!

  5. I bought the astronaut one last week, ’cause I already had the shirt. It’s a great idea.

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