Bruce Sterling's home raided by rabid cyberpunk archivists

"It was very odd to have these four characters in here ransacking the place. They were very polite about it. They didn't leave it in any worse disorder than it already was."—science-fiction novelist, Internet theorist, design futurist, blogger, and traveling academic Bruce Sterling, on the odd experience of four archivists descending upon his Austin home. They're preparing his personal archive to be donated in stages to the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, his alma mater. (Chronicle of Higher Education, via BB Submitterator, thanks Capl)


  1. Appalling post title, these guys were *invited* to come down and go through his stuff. Suggest reading a bit more than the tagline next time.

      1. Maybe BB should become the first well-known ‘blog’ (whatever) to institute a vote-down-the-nitpicking-hasn’t-had-coffee-yet button.

        They’re everywhere, finding something wrong on the internet and trying to fix it.

  2. I read this as “four activists descending upon his Austin home.” Four polite activists ransacked Bruce Sterling’s home, and he just watched? What?

    1. Same here Midden. And I compounded it when I thought it said steampunk instead of cyberpunk.

      And Xeni, “They’re prepare his personal archive” I think is missing a to, or prepare is actually preparing.

      NOT a grammar nazi, but I just couldn’t parse that without going through it about five tries.

  3. So, what DEAD MEDIA should be used to store and transmit all the info that they’ve gathered? Eight tracks? Carrier pigeons? Quipu?

  4. As an archivist, I am SO JEALOUS of those four people. Not only do they get to work at the Harry Ransom Center, they were able to maintain original order by going through the material IN BRUCE STERLING’S HOUSE.


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