Photos from the heart of a glacier

Eric Guth discovered a cave-entrance on the side of an Arctic glacier in Juneau, AK, and set out to explore it. He returned with a series of breathtaking photos of curvy, crystalline beauty. Guth's other photos are likewise pretty wonderful.
Working with an expedition cruise company that sails to the world's most remote places like Alaska and the Arctic, Eric Guth is constantly surrounded by large bodies of ice. In fact, he gets to experience, first-hand, places like Antarctica like most of us have never done before. "The landscape and icebergs of Antarctica have captured my senses the most. Antarctica, being so remote and raw and unpredictable, also has a very gentle side. I have experienced days with zero wind, 50 degree temperatures, clear skies and every snow-capped mountain, sculpted iceberg and waddling penguin reflected back at me with perfect symmetry. Days like these, where everything glistens and sparkles...these days make every howling, windy day I've experienced worth it!"
Inside Glacier Caves (17 photos) (via Super Punch)


  1. I remember hiking up Mt Rainier to some ice caves that you could explore back in the early 80’s. They were shut down later and finally collapsed as the glacier retreated sometime in the 90’s. Really spooky and intense ’cause you could here the ice groaning and cracking all around.
    The most awesome colors of blue, tho.

  2. Those are absolutely stunning! And nice to see from here since I hate being cold.

    One thing: Is it just me, or does the guy with the ice pick in the 8th photo down look like he’s (or she’s — can’t tell) been Photoshopped in there? It in now way takes away from the beauty of the images — it just seems strange looking is all.

  3. Without a perspective for comparison it’s a bit hard for me to get a handle on these photos. I have taken photos of roadside ice that, lacking dimension, look pretty grand.

  4. I live in Juneau, AK for those visiting find a local that knows their way around the Mendenhall Glacier. The West Glacier Trail (back on Montana Creek Road) has a side trail about 2 miles in that lets you get right up to the left side of the glacier if you were looking at it from the observation center. At the right times usually later summer there are some amazing ice caves you can access. Just make sure you have the gear and experience, mistakes on a glacier rarely end in sniffles and a few scrapes.

  5. Two pieces of music for exploring magical caverns:

    PS – Be careful as caves can be slippery when wet.

  6. Oh hey this is a bit OT but i see just now that the harpist featured in my first selection above is still active, and has gotten better with the passage of time:

    …option for 720p HD no less!: )

  7. Absolutely breathtaking. Though, these photos seem more like an alien landscape (or digestive tract) than an ice cave.

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