Steampunk bugs made from deactivated ammunition

Tom Hardwidge's Arthrobots are sculptural steampunk insectoid junkbots made from spent ammunition polished to a mirror shine. They're lovely, detailed and delicate.

Steampunk Insects Created from Bullets (Thanks, Thussa, via Submitterator!)


  1. I believe ‘deactivated’ would be the correct term, as these photos show bullets that have never been fired (or ‘spent’).


  2. mirror finish??? no not even close it takes a lot more than running a buff over something to get a mirror finish.
    as a goldsmith and watchmaker steampunk has turned into a very annoying trend because everyone is just gluing watch gears to something and calling it steampunk art.
    this however is interesting and well done and probably far too expensive.

  3. Was going to say the same thing; these are obviously not “spent” rounds, but they are indeed beautiful. I’m not sure I’d want one myself – I’m not averse to weaponry (I think it’s cool, like most normal males, actually) but I get a weird vibe from keeping weaponry or allusions to weaponry (including art) around the house. Even just video game and movie boxes – though I watch a lot of war and otherwise violent movies, and play violent games, I feel that displaying these kinds of things outwardly gives off the wrong impression. Kind of like Michael Bolton in Office Space; the Navy SEALs poster made him look like a douchebag :)

    I would definitely admire these in a museum, though. I believe it was in the British Museum where I recently saw an incredible exhibition of sculptures made entirely from thousands of weapons collected in Africa (lots of AK-47s and inexpensive pistols).

  4. @freetard & @penguinchris
    You’re right they are “deactivated” as opposed to spent rounds.
    I do have some fired ones too from the local gun club but I haven’t got around to incorporating them into my little sculptures yet – I like the pointy bits too much.

    I’m glad you like them :)

    Tom Hardwidge

  5. “Deactivated” in that the primer and powder has been removed – or were new shells and bullets that were never “live”.

    I’d have to say having an aversion to displaying art like this because it uses bullets is… odd.

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