Web wisdom: Google Before You Tweet

Joe Newton's letterpress poster, "Google Before You Tweet is the new Think Before You Speak" is damned good advice.

Google before you Tweet (via Super Punch)


  1. That takes me way back to an old saying my Pappy used to say; “Snopes before you Forward”.

  2. Gosh

    Isn’t it a sad, sad day when “Googling” has replaced “thinking”.

    Sigh…I need a beer.

  3. So “Google before you tweet” is the new “Check your facts before posting nonsense to the Usenet, I always do”?

  4. A nice sentiment, but the problem is that it’s easier to write (“create content”) when it’s still new to you, when you’ve still got a sense of wonder and feel creative and smart. If, instead, you research the matter you’ll find that all your clever ideas have already been expressed better by others.

    I think that’s why Mythbusters has stopped looking up their incoming myths and instead jump straight into experiment mode. They don’t want to know that they’re duplicating work, wasting their time, they just want to play and make segments for their show: Ignorance is content.

  5. Credit is due here to Jon Parker, who coined this clever phrase. Font is Olduvai by Randy Jones (available on Veer), and printing was done by Davin Kuntze at Woodside Press, Brooklyn, NY. I was the designer.

    Thanks for the post. JOE NEWTON

  6. unfortunately we have come to rely on screens to display our information instead of good old-fashioned books;research is foreshortened into smart system “relevance”. No one is exposed accidentally to tangential knowledge and we,as a people,no longer have any grounding in source material.

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