Zelda: Link's mother gives him what for

Link Visits His Mother: a captioning series on Dorkly that imagines the dialog when Legend of Zelda hero Link goes back to see his mum.

Link Visits His Mother (via Super Punch)


  1. What in the name of God is wrong with your RSS feed today? Are you all posting from different time zones?

  2. There was always something rather melancholy about visiting Link’s lonely grandma in Windwaker. Or was that just me?

    1. I’m replaying Wind Waker right now and I revisited my home for the first time last night. No, it’s not just you. She seems so very fragile, especially as your home island is surrounded by a perpetual storm the first time you return.

      The game encourages you to return home regularly by giving you one of the most powerful healing items (Link’s favourite soup!) if you visit her with an empty bottle. It feels like it’s giving you an in-game excuse to do something Link really wants to do.

      The game is packed to the brim with charm. Holds up amazingly well.

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