R. Crumb retrospective in NYC


The Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in New York is presenting "R. Crumb: Lines Drawn On Paper," a retrospective of the world's greatest living illustrator.

This 90-piece exhibit showcases rare and seminal examples of original art including covers and interior pages from ZAP, San Francisco Comic Book, Head Comix, Bijou Funnies, The East Village Other, Snatch Comics, Motor City Comics, Your Hytone Comix, Big Ass Comics, The People's Comics, Despair, Black & White Comics, Arcade, Hup and Weirdo. This exhibit features such counter-culture icons as Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, Shuman the Human, Bo Bo Bolinski, Lenore Goldberg and Her Girl Commandos, Horny Harriet Hotpants, Boingy Baxter, Angelfood McSpade and a special guest appearance by the ol' pooperoo himself -- R. Crumb. Works will be on display for six weeks, beginning March 23rd through April 30th in the Museum's galleries in New York City's Upper East Side.

Robert Crumb (b. 1943) is considered the premiere underground comix artist of his generation. Beginning with the launch of Zap Comics in 1967, Crumb deconstructed the American comic book, revolutionizing the form forever. Over four decades later, his impact continues to be felt worldwide.

My friend Monte Beauchamp (BLAB! magazine founder) is curating it.


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