Breaking news from Japan: Maru the internet-famous cat is safe and sound.

"Maru is safe. Thank you for worrying and praying." Previous Boing Boing post about Maru. He has a Wikipedia page and a YouTube channel.


    1. Compassion and concern for living creatures, especially the ones we love and care for as members of our own families: never frivolous.

    2. agreed. My biggest concern about a disaster hitting my area is “how will I wrangle the cats into their carriers?”

      Though I will be refreshing our jump-bags this weekend, so we humans can be ready to go to.

      1. “How will I wrangle the cat into their carrier?” is not likely to be one of the questions that Maru’s owner will have to consider during a disaster!

    3. Good to hear that Maru and his family are doing ok. There is absolutely nothing frivolous about being concerned for an animal, they are members of a family, regardless of that family being either human or animal. Animals do not comprehend events like this on the level humans do, I believe that they are even more scared than we are as to what is happening.

      That said, to the people and animals of Japan, and other areas affected by this horrifying disaster, you are all in my prayers. Those that have passed on, may you be guided safely to whatever your religions “heaven” is (I hope that is worded ok, I don’t intend to offend anyone, I apologize if I did). Those that are trapped and scared, stay safe and I pray you are saved as quickly as possible.

    4. I do too. It’s so scary because they don’t have any way of knowing what’s happened and the best way to stay safe. Poor things, they must be so frightened. I just want to scoop them all up in my arms and console them. And some of them lost their “hoomans” and will be grieving for some time too. And, of course, some of them went to heaven and will be grieved for as well. *sniffle*

  1. Hee…I checked his website almost right away after hearing about the tsunami and earthquake; looks like they’re ready to evacuate if needed.

  2. Really Dave, for some of us, the only ‘person’ we ‘know’ in Japan is Maru. I’ll admit it seems a bit flippant to care about some damn cat when the rest of his country is experiencing this disaster, but that doesn’t stop me from caring anyway and I’m comforted to know that he’s ok.

  3. i’m guessing that’s Maru’s disaster survival module, next to the disaster backpack?

    Japan is very well prepared to mitigate and respond to earthquake and tsunami damage.
    this may be a flippant story, but i’m glad to read at least one good news item out of Japan today.

  4. Glad the little Rockstar is ok, and even more glad his peeps are ok too. Bless all the poor souls over there.

  5. I have been frequently amused by Maru, the world’s most entertaining cat, and I’m glad he’s OK but… really?

    Is this how we make the tragedy palatable?

    1. It’s just a way of highlighting tiny bright spots in the darkness. Considering all the bad, is it so wrong to embrace the little bit of good, no matter how slight or what form?

      It’s human nature to want and/or crave any measure of good news in dark times, I think.

    2. Oh, well I’m sorry Xeni interrupted your all-day disaster porn marathon, Fergus. Maybe it’s good for some of us to hear that SOMEBODY got through the quake in one piece.

      Glad to see Maru and his owner are doing alright.

      1. You know, Talia’s response to my post was well considered, fairly made and I thank her for her viewpoint but…


        “all-day disaster porn marathon????”

        How dare you? Really, how dare you?

        Do I have to spell it out to you that I have friends and a relative in northern Japan? Do you really get off on implying that I’m revelling in this disaster? Is it not possible that good news about a cat does not compensate for my genuine concern for my loved ones?

        I cannot print here the words that describe how you have made me feel.

  6. i knew some would question this post, but i say hooray for the good news. he’s a perfect unicorn chaser after all the videos and news i’ve been seeing this morning. i just got off of skype with a friend who’s in japan now, and he said his family’s ok, just rattled. i gave him the links to the google crisis response page posted today, so thank you, boingers! he’s updated his info on the personfinder, thanks to you.

  7. Pinehead, I’ve just seen that one of your previous posts began with the words

    “It’s a real pity that people like him don’t get lynched.”

    It all becomes clear to me now.

  8. For some, maybe Maru is their only relevant connection to Japan. Yes, let’s give everyone here enough credit to think that we’re all able to empathize appropriately and appreciate the magnitude of the situation (no pun intended), but having a connection that carries a little more personal significance can’t hurt.

    That it’s an adorable novelty YouTube cat is beside the point. Or perhaps it shouldn’t even be beside the point: Maru is genuinely delightful, and it’s perfectly reasonable to care so much. (See Xeni’s more elegant comment above, I guess.)

  9. People almost universally make the mistake of comparing one kind of suffering to another. Suffering is suffering. It’s quite within the human capacity to hold both concern for a cat and for all of mankind in the big heart. One does not negate the other in any way.

    At the same time, I do know what it feels like to have that sensation—when there has been an enormous disaster in your life—that all mundane things are irritating and meaningless. And so I also understand why people’s concern for a cat would really bother someone.

    Let’s hold this all with some compassion for each other.

  10. I only became aware of Maru two days ago. He’s a charming cat, and his people love him, obviously. When news arrived of this horrendous quake/tsunami, my mind went immediately to Maru. This cat has put a ‘personal’ spin on the disaster–I don’t know anyone in Japan, native or otherwise, except for this funny cat. I’m sooooo relieved he and his people are OK. Lucky people. Lucky cat. Life is a crapshoot.

  11. Human beings will be taken care of; it is the animals that cannot speak for themselves who are hurting right now……

  12. I am concerned for everyone (people and animals) in Japan, but I have to admit my first thought was “is Maru ok???”!!!!!!! Does anyone know what island he and his owner live on????

  13. I too instantly thought of Maru and his human family as I know of no others in Japan. I feel so grateful that they are okay. Thank you for this site.

  14. i always worry about the animals first when a natural disaster happens. thank goodness maru is ok! our prayers are with you

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