How to make a doortop stash


Sean Michael Ragan of Make: Online shows how to make this cool "doortop stash" out of an aluminum cigar tube. I'm going to make one and use it to hide my Tweezerman Slant Tweezers (the best tool I know of to remove slivers) so that my wife and kids won't swipe them.

Make: Projects - Doortop Stash (See more how-to projects from MAKE.)


  1. I like the convenice of the magnet-retrieval, but proper tradecraft dictates you put your stash in the door’s frame, underneath a hinge that must be unscrewed for access.

  2. The neighbors will get annoyed when you constantly open and close your door to get at your weed.

    A heavy smoker’s door would rattle like a maraca.

  3. um…isn’t something that requires a magnet for retrieval by definition a BAD place to store a thumb drive (or any storage media)?

    1. Sure, if you’re hiding a floppy disk in there.

      Flash memory isn’t affected by magnets (I’d like to say at all, but I’m sure a big enough magnetic field would fuck one up.)

  4. the best tool I know of to remove slivers

    there’s no shame in plucking your eyebrows. a lot of men do that these days. you don’t have to make up stories.

    1. You’re my hero!


      Also: Great place to hide the key to the door it’s in, -you know, for convenience.


      To Mark: Oh the deceits forced upon us by domestic life. I blame all women.

    2. Oh thank you for that – I actually created an account to comment, and creating the account was suc an annoying process (why do they let you go through the whole process before they tell you a username is unavailable? WHY??) –
      so my mood is very much dampened since the initial burst of pleasure at seeing your comment.
      But it’s still very good, and thank you.

  5. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers? Is that what the kids are calling their POT these days? TST?

  6. I take out splinters with an x-acto. Slit the mostly dead upper layers of skin above the splinter, then flip it out with the point of the blade. Rinse under running water. It sounds invasive, but it ends up doing less damage than poking around with tweezers. Plus, it gets the whole splinter out instead of breaking it in half.

  7. this article is another illustration of why i’m glad i live in canada and not the ‘states. unless you’re sitting on a pound or so – or they’re looking at you for other (ie. more serious) reasons – the cops will rarely hassle anyone for just a few joints worth. hell, a friend of mine was busted – in his patch – with 2kg of pruned bud and another 2 duffel bags full of harvested plants. he got 2 yrs probation.

  8. Wow this is a good idea if you have the time/energy. Maybe a safe deposit box would be easier, but to each their own!

  9. all of the places i’ve ever lived have had those crappy, mostly hollow doors, not good solid stout ones. if i tried doing this, my cigar tube would clatter to the lower interior of the door the first time i tried to use it…hidden indeed…never to be seen again…

  10. I’m thinking this might be perfect for a Altoids tin. You’d just have to borrow a friend’s router. Not sure of the term, but you could use an L-bracket that’s straight. An I-bracket? That would hide the Altoids tin and keep it from sliding deep into the hollow door.

  11. I’m going to make one and use it to hide my Tweezerman Slant Tweezers (the best tool I know of to remove slivers) so that my wife and kids won’t swipe them.

    Hmmm….. better hope they don’t read this blog.

  12. Don’t root around in your skin with tweezers, knives, etc. Use the greatest splinter removal tool ever invented:

    A kneadable eraser.

    Just knead the eraser around the wound for a few minutes, bam, no more splinter, no pain, no discomfort.

  13. Another splinter removal tip: cyano-acrylate glue. Expose a bit of the splinter if you can (I use Antinous’ technique). If you can’t flip it out, put a drop of the glue on it & let it harden. This will hold it in place so the pain will subside, and eventually you can pick it off like a scab, and the splinter should come off with the glue.

  14. Working with wood, like drilling holes in doors in order to hide the tweezers you use to pull out splinters, is one of the most common causes of splinters. But you already knew this.

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